How Important Is Dispatch Software in Transportation Management System

Ever seen those circus tricks where a trickster spins a dozen plates on poles? Managing large trucking fleets and drivers is very much the same thing – except tougher. With innumerable details to take care of on a regular basis, you require a system to keep track of it all. And a mobile dispatch software does just that, making it an important part of Transportation Management System). With access to the appropriate dispatch system, your organization can simplify the dispatch management procedure & increase output for your whole fleet.

What’s dispatch software?

Dispatching system refers to digital solutions that handles allocating techs to booked jobs, tracking of trucks on the road, tracking of equipment locations, tracking of supplies & inventory, and scheduling of future appointments.

What are the key benefits of using dispatch software?

Efficient transportation management:

The system offers you total control over each transportation process. By tracking locations & statuses with GPS, you get absolute control when & where to dispatch your drivers. This result in optimized routes for your drivers, alongside a more dependable method for dispatching your staff and offering quality services in a consistent manner.

Quick response to unforeseen events:

When you are on the road thousands of things can go wrong. Assuring everything always runs smoothly is impossible. In the event something does go wrong, mobile dispatch software can help in reducing the damage to a minimum.

Real-time info regarding the locality & status of each driver lets you identify the problem almost instantly. Then you can make the required modifications to make sure the service quality does not hamper.


As your company grow, your dispatch management process turns out to be more complex. This can upshot in costly errors if there is not a dependable system in place to prevent them.

Today’s advanced mobile dispatch software give flexibility & can scale alongside your organization’s growth. It can easily handle scheduling & dispatching, allowing your drivers to reach every client on a timely manner.

Improved customer satisfaction:

According to a recent study, 49 percent retailers are concerned regarding customer expectations of delivery times, whereas 44% are worried about expectations in regards to free or low-priced shipping. Accurate and quick deliveries are also essential as 25% of consumers avoid shopping if same-day deliver is imprecise or not available.

Dispatch software provides you the ability to make sure you aren’t losing profit because of poor delivery measurements. By having access to the correct info, your dispatchers & drivers can set time-saving routes, and with automatic billing, your managers won’t waste valuable time of customers with paperwork.

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