How To Get The Best and Perfect Corporate Headshot?

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From events to corporate headshots, the field of corporate photography is very versatile and challenging. While most people think that it’s limited to certain aspects only, it is rather much more exciting than its assumptions. If you want to build a strong business brand, you will need excellent corporate photography in Singapore. Your brand is not just about your organization name or the colors in your logo. The photos that you display says a lot about your organization. That’s where Magicdow’s professional photographers can help you with clear and crisp images for your website.

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We will put our best foot forward to capture your company, brand, and products in the best possible light.

When it comes to having good corporate imagery and showing your prospective consumers or employers the best side of you, you have got to work on your corporate portrait photography Singapore. But when it comes to corporate portrait photography, there are some key highlights that you can keep in mind to get better results. By this, we mean that you must know where to put your focus more so that the corporate portraits can fulfill your business purpose.

What about your hair?

One cannot deny the fact that our hair looks amazing when just sitting at home, chilling, and binge watching Netflix. But when going to work or to meet someone, the hair does not seem to really cooperate. In such cases, do not opt for freshly cut hair as they take time to set the way you want. Before going for a corporate portrait photography Singapore, make sure that you groom your hair a few days before the shoot. Use good quality hair products to set and adjust them on the day of the shoot. 

Your profile should say it all!

This is another important aspect of your corporate portrait. We all have that one side of our face that we detest and then there is the other side that makes us feel confident. It can be front, it can be left and it can be right. So, make sure to let your photographer know beforehand so that he or she can capture your best profile.

Apparels do speak!

For a corporate photoshoot, do check what are you wearing.  If you are confused and could not decide, start browsing the internet or taking suggestions or help from your friends, colleagues, etc. The golden rule to abide by is, avoid anything colorful to look unprofessional. Add colors if you want, but nothing too attention-grabbing.

The right posture

The last but not least thing to focus on is the right posture. An ill-postured photo can greatly affect your picture, taking the positive vibe away. You can instill positivity and confidence by keeping your posture right while taking the professional portrait.

For corporate portrait photography Singapore, choose Magicdow!

The professional photographers at Magicdow understanding your brand. We know that the way you represent your team members or products will influence the way people see your business. We take a unique approach for every client of ours as we know every business is unique.

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With our corporate photography Singapore, we can help you create the image you want, and give your company a fresh, new look. For more information, get in touch with us today!

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