How to have the best wedding photo booth experience

It is a wonderful idea to have a photo booth at your wedding reception in Nassau, Bahamas. The wedding photo booth will help your guests loosen up, have fun-filled photos, and carry home memories they will cherish forever. However, it is not sufficient to have a photo booth if you do not know how to have fun and create memories using it.

One can have the best experience if the photo booth selection happens wisely and matches the theme of your wedding. Let us see how to have such a photo booth from the reputed photographic association in Nassau, Bahamas.

Decide the type of booth required

Speaking to specialists, we came to know that the initial step to having success setting up a photo booth is to decide on the booth type that suits your requirements. According to the specialists, we mean different things when we use the term photo booth. For example, it may be a photographer with a fun backdrop to some. While for others, a photo booth may be a partially or wholly enclosed booth, where guests enter to have photos clicked.

Set the style to match with your wedding

You can have a wedding reception, a grand black-tie event, or it may be a casual affair. It may be that your wedding reception is in a big hotel with lots of space or that the wedding venue does not have enough space. It is best to know the feel of your wedding before you select a photo booth. Doing such, you can make sure that the styles of both match. If you have an outdoor wedding reception, it is wise to make sure whether there is an electrical connection at the place where you plan to have a wedding photo booth.

Decide if you need a self-contained booth

According to experts, it is best to have self-contained photo booths in a wedding reception. The equipment, camera, props, and everything that comes with a photo booth remain inside the booth. Such a self-contained booth does not make the reception area clumsy, and you can have a neat look. Such a booth also uses less space and is ideal where there is a space crunch.

Decide on special features

You can have a giant screen outside the photo booth so those guests in the line and others can have fun witnessing the activities inside the booth. You need to discuss with your photographer if such an extra feature is available. It is for sure that having such a special feature, the photo booth experience will be amazing.

Know what the photo booth contains

There are some booths where you can have a stool or another seating arrangement. While in some photo booths, the guests can only stand. Therefore, it is best to check what the photo booth contains. It would be best to make sure that the booth has your preferred seating arrangement so that your guests feel comfortable while having their pictures clicked.

Know how to receive prints of the photos

You or your guests may have clicked the funniest or gorgeous photo inside the photo booth, and others may have enjoyed that having a look at it on the giant screen. However, you definitely desire to have a print of the same. Therefore, it is wise to ask your photo booth provider in Nassau, Bahamas, about how and when you can have a copy of the picture. It would be best if you also saw samples of pictures to ascertain the quality of the printout.

Determine the time you require the booth and how flexible the provider is

It is wise to decide on a time until when the photo booth will be functional. It may so happen that in that pre-determined time, not all your guests can have a click at the booth, and you have to extend the time. It is wise to ask your provider what extra you will have to pay for the extra time and how flexible they are in doing such.

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