How to learn to do synthetic turf installation yourself

It is best to know how to have synthetic turf installation and enjoy excellent natural grass aesthetics without the hassle of water and other maintenance. 

If the water bills, brown spots, mowing, and mud of your present lawn are bothering you, then it is the ideal time to purchase the highest quality synthetic turf from reputed distributors. You can have the turf installed by them, or try synthetic turf installation yourself, having help from them. 

The steps that you need to follow are quite simple. However, if you face any problem at any stage, you can have professional assistance from reputed distributors and installers in the USA. They have professionals installers able to offer full-service turf installation to customers across the country. 

Let us know the steps to undertake to do artificial lawn installation.  

Ordering the product

You need to order the artificial lawn from reputed distributors. They will not waste time to deliver the product and if you need assistance with the installation, they will offer such too. Moreover, they will also make it possible for you to have the necessary equipment to install the turf. 

Remove grass

The old grass of your existing lawn needs removal. You need to remove 4 inches of the base so that you can lay the artificial turf. While doing so, you need to have a dump trailer close by so that you can remove the grass along with the earth properly. 

Add base

You need to add the base that you have received from the distributors. While laying the base, you need to follow the instructions of the distributors. It would be best if you kept in mind that there is proper drainage and you have taken adequate measures to stop vegetations from growing. You need to wet the area and use a compactor to have a level surface. 

Laying the turf

While laying the turf, you need to keep in mind that you should never pull the turf over the base. It would be best if you let the turf stay in the sun for 30 minutes before you lay it. If there are multiple rolls, make sure that the blade direction and stitch pattern face the same way. You can use a carpet kicker to stitch and maneuver the turf. 

Cut to fit

As the turf is in place, you need to cut the same so that it fits properly. You can use razor knives and carpet cutters to cut the turf. This step requires some experience. If you face a problem, have professional assistance from reputable installers. 

Spread the infill

If you state the artificial turf measure, then reputed distributors will help you with the amount of infill required so that you can have the best of appearance, performance and extend the life span of the artificial turf.

You can use various infill natures like Acrylic Coated Sand, Zeolite, Silica Sand, or Crumb Rubber and use a drop spreader to fill the infill evenly. You also need to brush in the infill and make sure that the turf’s blades are standing in an upright position. 

About American Greens

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