How to Make Your Jet Skiing Experience in Dubai Safe & Fun

People from all over the globe come to Dubai, and one of the major reasons for the increasing number of tourists here is Dubai’s pristine beaches. The people in charge have taken great care in maintaining lovely sandy beaches in Dubai. If you are in Dubai for a vacation, one activity you can’t miss out is Jet Skiing.

The utter excitement of hitting the surf on these powerful machines and the absolute bliss involved with cruising through crystal blue waters will lure who love this sport. Though you don’t require any prior experience to try jet skiing in Dubai, there’re a few things to remember to ensure you have safe fun. Listed below are some of safety measures, rules, and etiquettes those need to be followed for Jet Ski rental.

Don’t intake alcohol:

Steer clear of consuming alcohol or drug before getting into a Jet Ski adventure. It can result in sombre injuries if you lose control over your machine. Even the laws regulating jet skis forbid the operation of watercraft while under the influence of alcohol.

Wear a proper fitting lifejacket:

Even though you are good at swimming, don’t opt for jet skiing without wearing a life jacket. However, just wearing a lifejacket isn’t enough; also ensure that jacket you’re wearing fits you & buckles up properly. A defective buckle can make the lifejacket to come off during the activity. If the jacket is loose it tend to get pushed up to the wearer’s face and may not provide the desired protection.

Know how to use a lanyard:

A lanyard is an excellent safety gear that safeguards you from over speeding accidents and also helps to turn off the engine instantly in the event of emergencies. The lanyard is a chord that is connected to the engine and can be found on the handle of the Jet Ski. With a simple wrist action the rider can turn off the engine easily and immediately in case of emergencies.

Always follow the instructor’s lead:

To relish a safe and thrilling Jet Ski adventure in Dubai, following the instructor’s lead is always essential. Exact subsidiary rules may differ as per the place, the water features, the watercraft and the climate of the location. Thus, pay attention to your instructor while he’s instructing the guidelines and follow them to the dot.

So, what are you waiting for? Confirm your Jet Ski Rental now to manoeuvre the watercraft through the waves to your heart’s content. Board on a Jet Ski adventure to explore the beautiful water body of Dubai in the most exhilarating fashion!