How To Properly Care For Your Hair Extensions


Hair Extension Care

Hair extensions will instantly add length and volume to your hair. When you get extensions, your hair will be long, full, and beautiful. But you must be aware of the steps you need to take when caring for them at home because the difference between natural and beautiful hair extensions and frizzy hair extensions that do not blend with your natural hair is your hair care routine.

With the right aftercare and attention to detail, you can make your hair extensions last as long as possible and stay healthy. In this article, we will explain how to best care for your hair extensions.

How Long Should Your Hair Extensions Last

Low or average-quality hair should last between 3 and 6 months. On the other hand, top-quality and minimally processed hair should last between 9 and 12 months. But to ensure that your extensions last as long aspossible, you should be using hair extension care products that were specifically formulated to provide your hair extensions with the necessary nutrients and oils.

And that is why Cuticle Lissé was developed. To provide you with an easy-to-understand and step-by-step hair care line that will maximize the life of your hair extensions.

When choosing the right hair care products, you must first consider what your hair extensions need. Your hair extensions are not attached or rooted into your scalp. So, unlike your natural hair, your extensions will not get the nutrients, oils, and moisture they need. That is where Cuticle Lissé comes in. This revolutionary, step-by-step hair extension care system infuses your hair with moisture and strengthens the structure of the hair by coating it with ultra-nourishing proteins and amino acids–all the things that your natural hair gets from the scalp. With Cuticle Lissé, your extension will look natural and beautiful for as long as possible.

How do you brush your hair extensions?

It is important that you brush your hair every day,especially after the shower or when getting out of the pool or ocean. The absolute last thing you want to happen is for your hair and extensions to become matted and tangled. This can result in costly damages and hours in the salon as your stylist works to undo the tangles without damaging your hair.

First, it is important to only use a wet brush. When using the wet brush,hold the bast of your hair at the scalp, and with the other hand, brush downwards, removing the tangles and being sure to avoid the attachment point. When going over the attachment point, be very careful not to pull the hair and cause the extension to become loose. If you have curly hair, you should only brush your hair when it is wet.


  • First of all, you should buy a top-quality wet hairbrush.
  • Begin at the base of your hair at the scalp and brush downwards
  • Avoid the attachment point and gently work out tangles without pulling on the extensions.

This way, you will cause less strain on your hair, extensions, and scalp. As a result, you will keep them healthy. You should brush your hair every night before bed and after a shower. After brushing your hair, you should put it up in a bun to avoid the hair from being tangled while you sleep.

How do you avoid tangling while sleeping?

After all, there’s no such way to stop you from tossing and turning throughout the night. But there are a few useful ways to avoid waking up to a bird’s nest of hair the following morning. You should keep knotting at a minimum and avoid putting too much pressure on your roots and extension bonds while brushing them.

One proven way to keep your hair extensions in top shape overnight is to tie them back very loosely prior to going to bed. If you’re looking for an easy and fast solution to tangling, you should put your extensions in a low ponytail by using a spiral hairband. Doing loose French braid works really well on preventing tangling, and you’ll wake up with beautiful-looking beach waves. But it can take a little practice.

What type of products do you use on hair extensions?

You’re going to spend hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars on your hair extensions, and you want to ensure that they last as long as possible. That’s why you should use top-of-the-line hair extension care products i.e., Cuticle Lisse Hair Extension Care Line. Cuticle Lissé is a step-by-step hair extension care line that will maximize the life of your hair extensions by providing them with the nutrients and oils that they need to stay healthy.