How To Select And Install A New Toilet Seat


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Changing your toilet seat could be all you want to do to provide your exhausted washroom with another rent of life. The modest toilet seat is after all the final touch to any toilet. Refreshing your toilet seat is simple and with plenty of styles to browse, you can change your toilet to seem as though it is entirely new.

It sounds basic does not it; however, there are a couple of things you want to know before you visit an online bathroom store in the UK. Make certain to purchase your toilet seat from a legitimate washroom retailer. There are a lot of choices to browse like Ideal Standard Space seat E709101. Furthermore, it is possible to order online and have your chosen toilet seat despatched to your home.

We share here the authoritative manual for picking and fitting a new toilet seat.

Consider shape

Nowadays toilets come in a wide range of shapes and plans, as do their comparing seats. You will have to ensure you pick a toilet seat that is suitable for the design of your toilet. The most widely recognized toilet seat shapes are the round nose, pointed nose or D-shaped.

Know the size

What size toilet seat you pick is important, as toilet seats do not come in a standard size. The size varies according to the size of the toilet. Current toilets particularly arrive in a scope of sizes and plans. Never expect your toilet is a standard size. It is wise to measure it.

To ensure your toilet seat fits impeccably, you will have to take three measurements.

First, measure the distance between the centre of the right fixing hole and the left fixing hole. Then measure the widest part of the toilet bowl. Last you need to measure the length of the seat. To do so measure from the front of the toilet bowl to an imaginary line joining the fixing holes.

Determine the nature of fixings

Most toilet seats accompany standard fittings. Some have a quick-release component making it more straightforward for you to eliminate and clean. Generally, the toilet seat comes with plastic fittings, yet you can likewise get the effect of gold or chrome hinges.

The most effective method to install your toilet seat

Considering the above factors, you have bought your new toilet seat. You will be eager to instal it in your toilet bowl. Here is a speedy outline of how to install your toilet seat.

  • Remove your old seat and give your toilet an exhaustive clean. It is wise to wear gloves for this.
  • As per the maker’s directions collect the fittings prepared to fit.
  • Place the new seat over the toilet and secure the set-up with the bolts.
  • Tighten up the bolts and nuts utilizing a wrench or pincers.
  • Protective plastic covers ought to just snap over the bolt heads.