How Windows Get Dirty & Why Soft Washing Your Windows Is Recommended

Feeling the warm sun rays leaking in through the windows of your home is such a pleasing feeling. Nothing ruins that more than looking out to enjoy that sun and coming to know that your windows are dirty. 

Why Does Windows Get Dirty?

Everything that is floating around us in the air can find their way to your windows and stick to the glass. Pollen, car exhaust, smoke from your neighbour’s lawn mower, and general air contamination are probable candidates for ruining your good work and view of course. The particles stick to any remains on the glass and build up quickly over time. 

If you live in an industrial area, acid rain can be a big problem. Acid rain is usually acidic in nature, meaning that it has high levels of hydrogen ions and low pH. It can have injurious effects on aquatic animals, plants and of course windows. 

While your windows may look squeaky clean from the outside, kids and pets can make them dirty from the inside very fast. Kids love touching everything around them, including clean glass. So you may notice the small palm prints on the glass whenever you anticipate them the least. Pets climb window sills, press their noses against the glass, and even lick it. So if you’ve kids and pets in your house, be prepared to clean windows often. 

Also, grease, steam, and other particulates that upshot from cooking will find their way to the windows and accumulate over time, which can make the glass very difficult to clean. 

Why do you need to schedule professional window washing in Madison?

It’s always recommended to get in touch with a professional when completing any work around your home and window washing in Madison is no exception. When looking for a service provider to clean your house’s exterior & windows, look for a firm that employs a soft wash technique. Soft washing employs a really low pressure and depends on a biodegradable solution to clean the exterior of your home and windows. The solution pooled with the soft wash will get rid of dirt, algae and mildew on your home and windows and it prevents it from growing back for a much longer time than conventional pressure cleaning. 

Deep cleaning of the home is achieved through soft house washing methods that assure skilfully removing dirt & grime from tough spots like window and door frames, vented soffits, sidings, trims, gutters, and window screens.

Don’t forget to inquire with your window washing company in Madison regarding their insurance & liability coverage. A genuinely professional firm will take all the possible safety measures to avoid any potential damage. However, if something were to occur, your house requires to be covered with a right insurance & liability coverage. 

Why use a low pressure when washing your windows?

Many homeowners who have a pressure washer laying around in their garage may be tempted to use it in order to save a few dollars. However, employing a pressure washer with high pressure can damage parts around your house and most notably your windows! Remember glass windows need pretty little pressure to crack or shatter. 

So, always opt for soft washing your windows instead of high pressure washing!

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