Hybrid Events – An Amalgamation of Live and Virtual Events

Today hybrid events have become the new age way to connect people across the globe. These events allow you to engage your live audiences as well as the virtual audiences in the equal manner. Moreover these hybrid events have several benefits over live events. So plan a hybrid event like a hybrid magic show in future and connect with more people.

The pandemic has brought many “New Normal” things to our lives. And Hybrid events are one of them.

What are hybrid events?

A mix of live and virtual events is termed as hybrid events. For instance, you can organize a live event with a physical audience, content and more and add virtual entertainment to it. It will keep your audience engaged and they will participate even when they are far away and not attending the event in-person. For hybrid events what matters the most is engagement that distinguishes it from a live event with technological events. Here, your audiences will take part through their smart devices or computers and offer feedback in real time. Hybrid events area seamless integration of technology for facilitating participation between live audiences and virtual audiences effectively.

What do these events look like?

The look of the hybrid event depends on your event format and the audiences involved. However all the hybrid events have one thing in common i.e. they put the audiences first both live and virtual and treat them equally. It ensures that they can get the most from the event. For instance, if you are organizing a hybrid magic show, then the magician needs to interact and make them participate equally i.e. both the live audiences as well as the virtual audiences.

After the audiences the next essential ingredient of a hybrid event is the event platform. A hybrid event platform is a virtual venue without 3D characters and booths. While choosing your virtual event platform, you need to understand that your audiences want to stay engaged with the vent content in an intuitive way while growing their professional networks. For achieving these goals, 3D renderings of the event aren’t necessary. A hybrid event platform needs to focus on simplicity and an exceptional user experience for ensuring that it is a cinch to enjoy the hybrid event.

What are the benefits of hybrid events?

Did you know? Hybrid events have been occurring since 2012! That year, the CDC organized a virtual event when they found it difficult to afford to bring their attendees together because of budget issues. The hybrid event was hosted to ensure that their audiences got the necessary and valuable information they needed while working within their means. It offered the flexibility to keep the event running!

Besides flexibility,  other benefits of investing in hybrid events include:

Increased reach

Hybrid events allow you to increase the reach and gain more attendees by adding live audiences as well as the virtual audiences. It helps in boosting the attendance in future events as well because it lets would-be attendees take a glimpse of your event. Also it is a fact that  there will be attendees who would love to attend but could not due to various factors! For such attendees hybrid events are a boon.

Better engagement with the Audience

When a virtual element is added to a live event, it opens up several other engagement opportunities that would be possible with a live event. The reason is that the virtual audience participates actively from their smartphones or desktops which means they can talk, share, give feedback, like and much more. For instance, when you host a hybrid magic show, the virtual audience can interact with the magician and take part in the magic tricks from the comfort of their homes. Also you can make live and virtual attendees interact with each other by dedicating one area for in-person meetings and another area for virtual meetings scheduled by event matchmaking software!

Besides these there are several other benefits that make hybrid events a new-age tool to connect people across the world.

Author Information:

This article is written by the manager of TK Jiang, a bilingual digital corporate illusionist in Singapore. Book your hybrid magic show with him today and experience a unique shared entertainment never seen before. For more information visit https://tkjiang.com/hybrid-magic-show/