Indian Food Burlington: What’s So Special About Indian Cuisine?

Indian cuisine is an amalgamation of many subtle tastes. The flavours are as exotic and varied as the people and climate of India. Warm, fragrant, and pungent spices are greatly infused in meticulous proportions to add the aroma and exotic taste to the dishes we present to you.

7 Spice Bar & Masala Grill is a must-visit restaurant for Indian food in Burlington. You will enjoy an authentic Indian restaurant experience with a vibrant and trendsetting ambiance. So, why not relish this experience of an exhilarating Indian meal with us?

Also, you can order your boxed lunch buffet and dinner or sandwich for your big events, weddings, parties, and outdoor parties. The chefs can customize your menus by focusing on seasonal, sustainable foods and dietary restrictions that make us stand out in the catering service.

Are you thinking now what’s the specialty of Indian cuisine? Here it goes!

While most people around the world think that Indian dishes are all curries, that’s not true! A variety of Indian cuisines are either made from fish, lentils, meat, or vegetables. The specialty of Indian cuisine lies in its variety of spices that make every dish stand out from all other cuisines in the world.

What’s Unique About Indian cuisine?

If you have never tried, and are wondering what must be Indian food like? We at 7 Spice Bar & Masala Grill welcome you whole-heartedly. It’s the rich ingredients, intoxicating aromas, and fresh blend of spices that make Indian cuisine special and unique.

But what sets Indian cuisine apart from other cuisines in the world? Indian foods do not just appeal to our taste buds but are healthy too due to the presence of several spices that are known for great health benefits. A typical finger-licking Indian dish contains seven ingredients, along with freshly blended spices that have unique flavors.

The best part? No flavor is suppressed by the presence of spices letting you enjoy every individual ingredient present in the dish.

At 7 Spice Bar & Masala Grill, we offer both full services and take-away catering services in Burlington, Hamilton, and Oakville. Whether you want any specific cuisine or a custom food menu, we can deliver them based on your taste and mood. Whether it’s a big event or a small party, we are the best catering service provider of Indian food in Burlington. We will make sure your guests enjoy a top-notch meal and make your entire event memorable.

And our typical Indian buffet menus include the following –

Traditional bread

Beverages and Sweets

Indian food appetizers

Gluten free kebabs

Side orders and desserts

Tandoori items and wraps

Vegetarian and non-vegetarian items

Variety of belly-filling biryani dishes

The specialty of Indian cuisines is that it is healthy, palatable, and easy to prepare. At 7 Spice Bar & Masala Grill, we provide truly authentic Indian taste like none other in the Burlington area. Visit 7 Spice Bar & Masala Grill today to experience the difference for yourself or feel free to use our online booking system to order your take-out ahead of time.

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