Is commercial hood cleaning essential, and useful for your business?

grease hood cleaning

leading commercial grease hood cleaning adheres to quality cleaning standards, scrutinizes the thing, and reveals the need for cleaning. They have proactive safety resources & comprehensive cleaning policies and are committed to the success of the client’s business. The prearranged cleaning procedure they follow will surely meet and exceed the client’s expectations!

The kitchen hoods, exhaust hoods, or other range hoods are a mechanism that hangs above in your kitchen containing filters, mechanical fans, grease traps, and ductwork. It consistently collects the dirty & greasy air flowing through it during all cooking hours. It removes buildup grease, kitchens airborne heat, smoke, odors, grime, and debris generated from the greasy air flowing through it during all cooking hours. It will need expert commercial grease hood cleaning assistance from time to time. Let’s discuss a few benefits of hiring professional hood cleaning services for your commercial establishment in Atlanta.

grease hood cleaning

Professional commercial grease & hood cleaning in Atlanta removes the build-up of grease and grime in the ventilation system that lessens air circulation in your hood. It will enhance airflow in your commercial kitchen and make the space more comfortable and healthier. If you have a BBQ restaurant or use a lot of fuel, then the grease build-up on fan blades makes them louder. The commercial grease hood cleaning is ideal for keeping the hood run quieter and making the kitchen staff less disturbed.

The grease buildup inside it is highly flammable. When the built-up grease drips from the ceiling, it brings hazards in any kitchen. Apart from that, the grease is also slippery and makes the cooking staff face the risk of grease-related slips and falls. Expert hood cleaning services in Atlanta clean things perfectly and reduce the risk of kitchen fires and other hazards.

grease hood cleaning

Having old food or cooking residue linger around the commercial kitchen makes the cooking environment contaminated and hazardous. You can say that a dirty hood in your kitchen pollutes the entire space. Hiring a dedicated commercial hood cleaning in Atlanta is the best alternative to avoid future issues and maintain the commercial kitchen’s overall hygiene. It helps you to stay right inside the law as well.

The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) requirement makes it obligatory to clean the commercial kitchen hoods in prescribed intervals. The professional commercial grease hood cleaning in Atlanta is certified as per NFPA Code 96 standards, and they know how to achieve the best cleaning result. They will help you stay on the right side of the law as well! They save you from potential fines and sometimes business closures. Regular hood cleaning removes the build-up and ensures to increase the fan’s lives or motor or blower blades or any other parts by removing the buildups. So, make sure to include the hood cleaning services in your commercial kitchen cleaning checklist.

grease hood cleaning


Commercial kitchens have heavy-duty cooking equipment that runs for hours each day! The hoods and ducts above the kitchen equipment are designed to reduce fire risk by removing airborne contaminants such as grease particles, heat, smoke, and odors. But over 60% of fires in restaurants and bars or any other commercial establishments are caused due to hidden buildup of grease through consistent use of commercial ranges, fryers, grills, and other cooking equipment. Keeping the kitchen hood and duct system properly clean & well-maintained is an idle way to keep the commercial kitchen or restaurant free from the risk of an uncontrolled fire and other legal issues.

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