Is It Simple to Install Dash Kits

Car lovers invest a ton of energy fixing the outside decor and making sure their ride looks good.. However, no part of that is noticeable from the driver’s seat. The areas of the vehicle you see are on the inside. Indeed, even minor changes to your vehicle’s inside can make a more pleasant driving experience. For a refreshing change you will truly see that a dash kit makes an incredible impact and a great choice that will transform your vehicle into a true upgraded custom ride.

Invest some time and energy to find just the right dash kit installation type for you and you will enjoy a great new finish that sets your vehicle apart from the rest.

Picking the Right Kit

Before you can make your purchase, you need to decide which dash kit is appropriate for your vehicle and your preference. Enthusiasts of a more exemplary look could choose a wood grain or burl wood. For high-energy applications, it is difficult to beat real carbon fiber! Or you can mull over a brushed aluminum or chrome kit. Make certain to choose the correct kit for your vehicle’s make and model year.

Preparing to install your new dash kit

It has been said, “To chop down a tree quickly, endure three minutes sharpening the axe.” This certainly remains constant with regards to purchasing and installing your new dash kit. Great planning will guarantee your kit fits right and looks great.

Utilize a unique cleaner to eliminate all surface contaminants from the areas where you will apply the dash kit. You can test to ensure the surface is perfect by placing a piece of masking tape to it. The tape will adhere well to a surface that is free from contaminants. Follow this test by cleaning the entire area utilizing isopropyl rubbing alcohol..

Arrangement and Application

With your cleaning completed, you can test-fit all your trim pieces by arranging them without removing the backing from the adhesive. Think about where you will need to apply adhesive promoter. You need to focus on corners, tight curves, vertical edges, and vents. Just utilize the promoter where required and follow the instructions included. Wear elastic gloves to safeguard your hands from the promoter.

When the promoter has properly set for around five minutes, now is the ideal time to get down to the matter of setting your trim. Beginning with little, level pieces, remove the adhesive backing and carefully place the dash kit. It is difficult to reposition a piece once it contacts the promoter, so it is good to be cautious.

As you complete the installation in this manner, it will be fairly easy work. So, congratulations, you have finished a DIY installation of a custom interior dash trim kit!  Now you can enjoy your car’s new and updated interior each and every time you get in and go for a drive.

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