Is There A Best Time To Take Photographs Of A Newborn Baby?

Want to make sure your wedding photos are a treasure for years to come? We can help you out! But if you want to make sure you have photos to cherish beyond the big day, you might want to consider our newborn photography services in Dubai. After all, when life changes as much as it does when you welcome a new baby into the family, it’s important not to miss a moment.

One of the first questions new parents ask us is how soon they should schedule newborn photos of their child. There is no set time limit, but there are certain times during a baby’s first few months that are better for taking photos than others.

Is There a Specific Newborn Photos Time Frame?

There is a common misconception that newborn photos must be taken within 14 days after the birth of the child. In reality, there is no set limit for when a photo can be called a “newborn” portrait. Any photos taken in your baby’s first weeks of life will fall under the “newborn” category. Skilled newborn photographers can take baby portraits up to six weeks after an infant’s birth, capturing their cuteness during infancy. So don’t worry: there’re no newborn rule putting a timer on the 1st photo session.

What’s the best time to take newborn photos?

Newborns change dramatically in their first few weeks of life. While all those changes are wonderful, they can make photographing your baby a much different process over time. Each stage has its own set of challenges and opportunities for capturing your little one’s development.

When booking your newborn photos, try not to book them any earlier than five to six days after your baby is born. For most moms, their milk comes in by day four and this gives your baby a few days to cluster feed. By the time your baby is six days old, they are eating every two to three hours and are more predictable with their feeding schedule, making it easier for you to take good photos without having to stop every 20 for another feeding.


The best time to schedule a newborn photography session is determined by the types of photos you want. There are many tips and guides available on Google that can help you choose your ideal newborn photos time frame, but it’s always best to talk it through with your newborn photographer too. Call Gaga Photography now if you want the best newborn photography in Dubai.