Jet Skiing to Deep Sea Fishing – Enjoy The Water Sports Activities Dubai Has To Offer!


Do you ever wonder what the best marine activities in Dubai are? What’s the best way to experience this breathtaking city? There’s plenty to do in this city-state of the UAE and we offer several fun activities on the water for you to enjoy your holidays or your lifestyle in the Emirates!

What about jet skiing in the Dubai waterfront with Beach Riders Dubai? We have exclusive packages for family, couples, friends, and solo jet skiing in Dubai. We jet ski around every top attraction, skyscraper, and iconic building of Dubai.

Jet skiing Dubai is definitely the best way to visit the city and have fun during holidays. Among other activities we offer, you can try deep sea fishing, parasailing, fly boarding, water skiing, kite surfing, jetovators, hover-boarding, speed boat ride, and more.

Those who do not have acrophobia can try parasailing in Dubai and view the city from the sky. You will be able to see most of the emirate, Dubai sea beaches, Dubai skyline, the Palm, and a bit of the desert. Dubai is a place where parasailing is great. You may try skydiving as well!

Dubai is also the place if you are looking for a bit of luxury and more privacy. Why not get the luxury yacht rental in Dubai Marina? You can book the yacht to organize a part, for a special event, or just spend a calm, beautiful afternoon in the sea. Grab the opportunity of admiring the luxury and exquisiteness with Yacht rental Dubai Marina.

If your entire family is adventurous, we at Beach Riders Dubai will suggest you go for a speed boat ride in Dubai. Get indulged in one of the best and most adventurous water sports with your family in the city. Our speed boat can accommodate up to 8 members to explore several different attractions of the city. Enjoy the breathtaking sights while capturing some amazing photographs.

Dubai’s big coastline makes fishing a major part of its heritage. While deep sea fishing in Dubai with Beach Riders Dubai, we make sure you get the best catch with our latest equipment and techniques. You can enjoy this great water sport activity along with your friends and family. Our state of the art fishing boats and equipment will make your experience even better. Throughout your activity, you will also be provided with refreshments and professional guidance.

While in Dubai, water adventure is a great option since its fun, active, and unique. It’s also a way to experience the beautiful city from the sea. Beach Riders Dubai offers the best water activities in Dubai to make your trip even more enjoyable. Indulge yourself in some fun-filled, unusual activities in the “Venice of the Gulf”, as some refer to Dubai.