Know How Secure Your Garage Door Is

It does not matter if your garage is affixed to your house or whether it is a totally detached entity, it is of the highest importance that all feasible security measures are taken in order to protect your possessions & the rest of your house. It is essential that your garage is structurally healthy, and the garage door is up to the task of working as your 1st line of defence. Your present solution may look sufficient, but if the door is 10 years or older, a meticulous scrutiny is indispensable to know whether you need garage door repair in Vancouver or have to install a brand new door.

Today, burglars are far savvier than ever before. And while you may assume it tough to break into a garage, these burglars can detect a weakness from a mile away, and doors which haven’t been installed professionally or those with broken frames or dents are main targets for unscrupulous burglars.

Look for garage doors with advanced security features:

Ageing overhead doors create a severe security risk to your possessions & your house in general, which is why garage doors today are constructed with security in mind. At GVA Garage Doors, we’ve been offering top-quality new garage doors in Vancouver and the surrounding areas for more than a decade. We have garage doors in different designs, colors and styles. We work only with tested manufacturers, who’ve been manufacturing, testing and improving garage door security for years.

Over the years, as techniques of overhead door break-ins have been reported, modern garage doors have evolved drastically to stay in touch with emerging trends.

You will have access to the following safety features on any new manual overhead door bought from a recognized dealer:

  • Two locks – one of each side of the door.
  • The capability to upgrade with 2 additional locks.
  • Sturdy bars which prevent the locks from being compromised from the outside.
  • A strong anti-snap primary lock, which prevents access even if drilled or snapped.

Automatic overhead doors have exceptionally secure locking mechanisms which are powered by the door’s motor, which persistently keep the door pushed down until it gets a signal from the remote to open.

Not sure whether you need a new garage door or garage door repair in Vancouver? Simply call GVA Garage Doors for an on-site inspection and give you a through assessment of your problem. In most cases, we fix the problem on site.

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