Lavished tented camps bring a sparkle of elegance for safari enthusiasts


Kenya is most famously known for its national parks teeming with wildlife.Masai Mara National Reserve occupies the lion’s share as it is the home to an abundance of game, including the seasonal wildebeest migration. A well-planned Masai Mara safari guarantees in providing the travelers with spectacular wildlife watching throughout the year.However, you just need to spend a few days in the reserve to explore the elegance of the wildlife and splendid natural phenomena from very close. So, where to stay during the safari is one of the vital things coming in every safari itinerary. Staying in a tented camp or tented safari lodges in Masai Mara Reserve is the fantastic & budget-friendly option that you can prefer. It is something magical when you are stepping out into the crisp morning air for your breakfast and early game drive or seating on the veranda in the evening.

tented safaris

Tented camps or tented safari lodges are suitable for those travelers who are a little bit adventurous. It offers the facility for those wanting to be close to nature without sacrificing the comfort. It combines the most significant aspects of camping while staying in a luxury tented lodge. Although you’re away from some of the modern lodging conveniences still, you’ll find the best facility, service & amenities in tented camps or tented safari lodges. A tented camp is an excellent option for those who want to experience the wild beauty. It appears to be an opulent canvas home in the bush, complete with everything from a comfy bed to a private bathroom, electrical outlets to charge your cameras, the tastiest supper, and more. Tented camping safaris come with the assistance of a very talented personal chef. As a result, they offer a greater variety of foods that you’ll not find on a conventional camping safari.

tented safaris

Staying in a tented safari camp is a necessity for any safari. Tourists will get a wide range of tented camps or tented lodges inside the Masai Mara reserve to provide a unique classic safari experience. Most of the tented camps are created in prime game-watching spots to explore the great wildebeest migration. It will take you to the heart of the action, where you’ll hear and even see animals passing by. It also allows you to enjoy the sunset over the savannah, delicious dinner by a crackling campfire, and the distant sounds of Wildebeest drifting across the plains. The night sleep in the comfort of a vast double bed at the heart of one of the world’s fastest wildernesses & utter darkness is a splendid safari experience. Anyway, you will feel completely safe snuggled up in your bed and enclosed by canvas.

tented safaris


Almost every national park in Masai Mara offers several tented camps & tented safari options. Some are within the park boundaries, while others are inside the park. It is perfect for those who value having access to the best game viewing location in Masai Mara and spend much time for exploring the area. The lavished tent safari experience is perfect for those who want to feel close to nature while enjoying a high comfort level. Game viewing while staying in a tented safari is exceptional and arguably some of the best that you ever find in Kenya! You can request a tented camp be included in your itinerary, and the camp operator will make it happen!

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