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If your generator is not producing power, or your stand-by generator is not running properly, you need to act right away. These units should not stay idle too long as this will undoubtedly cost you hundreds of additional dollars to repair.

The experts at American Lighting USA can troubleshoot, repair, service, and maintain this type of equipment. There is nothing worse than having a generator that fails to start when you need it the most. Generators are robust machines. They can even work for days, months, and weeks without going wrong. But if you do not go with frequent generator repair services, they will soon fail.

Even if the generator appears to be running fine, if you do not conduct frequent checks or maintenance, it may be needing a tune-up or other adjustments. We will make sure we give a thorough check to your machine, and once we are done, your unit will be up and running as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

West Palm Beach Generator Repair Has Its Complexities

A generator is not just another household appliance, but a scaled-down version of an electric power plant. It has an array of sensors, complex control circuits, and sensitive fuel requirements. And for a generator to operate smoothly and produce power, all of the components inside of it must be working and calibrated to exact factory specifications. To ensure all these this requires regular maintenance, inspection, and testing to make sure that the generator is ready to work when you need it the most.

It takes years of training to become a well-trained generator technician. At American Lighting USA, we take pride in catching even the smallest issues during the preventative visits to make sure that it does not grow into a major issue later. Moreover, this also keeps the future generator repair cost down!

Contact American Lighting USA anytime you need an expert West Palm Beach generator repair FL.

Generator Repair Services We Offer:

Common generator related issues that we fix include:

  • The faulty wire that stops a generator from working properly
  • Repairing and refilling leaking coolants
  • Repairing blocked fuel lines to restore the functionality of your generator
  • Restoring or substituting the tripping circuit breaker to ensure a persistent performance

Generator Repair and Replacement

While a well-maintained generator limits the need for repair or parts replacement, it does not eliminate the possibility. Timely parts replacement and repairs are required as you may find your generator unable to provide power during an emergency.

At American Lighting USA, our expert technicians can help you with generator repair services and replacement. We always stock a source of parts and the ability to replace malfunctioning units. We work efficiently and quickly to make sure your generator is up for any emergencies.

When Repairs Aren’t Enough

There may be times when generator repair is not enough to resolve the issue. In Florida’s harsh, humid climates, you may find that the lifespan of your generator does not quite reach the upper part of the typical range. Our experts will examine your generator to determine whether repairing or replacing the whole unit will make more sense taking the financial angle under consideration.

The professionals at American Lighting USA can make this process easy for you while helping your business and home stay prepared for an unfortunate instance.

Why Choose American Lighting USA?

With over years of experience in installing and repairing generators, American Lighting USA is here to install, maintain, and repair your Generac generator. We are insured and licensed to make sure the work is done efficiently and safely. You can call us at 561-689-4854 or contact us through our website.