Lingual Orthodontic Treatment- An Excellent Solution For Your Bite Correction Or Teeth Straightening

Do you or your child have dental problems or have issues with their bite or alignment? Such questions might seem small at first. However, with the growth of the child into an adult, their bite or teeth alignment could cause many health problems. It can even cause speech impediments, and ultimately it will cause difficulty in chewing as well. In Lebanon, professional lingual orthodontic treatment helps you know how braces can improve your teeth’ look and how vital it is for your lifestyle!

For many, there’s a significant obstacle to seeking treatment. They don’t like the look of conventional metal braces. A lot of nearly invisible options are available at lingual orthodontic treatment in Lebanon. And their popularity is growing faster as well. The invisible orthodontics treatment occupies a high position among the clients around the world. The lingual orthodontic treatment use the braces that have the same components as conventional braces. But it will merely be fixed to the back of your teeth, on the tongue or lingual, or side of the teeth. As they’re behind your teeth, they’re nearly invisible. Applying the lingual orthodontic treatment in the earlier age help you for:

  • Better progress of incoming teeth
  • Proper facial and jaw development
  • Guides the incoming teeth into their best position
  • Diagnosing hidden dental issues
  • Diminishing the risk of impacted teeth
  • Reducing the risk for permanent tooth extractions
  • diminishing the risk of cavities and gum issues

The structure of your mouth is based on the jaw and teeth and its shape. The lower and upper jaw follow the same arch in a U shape. The front top teeth will rest on bottom teeth in a healthy bite. If there is a variation, it can be rectified by visiting the lingual orthodontic treatment in Lebanon.When a child or an adult comes in to have their mouth examined, the orthodontic surgeon sees how the top and bottom teeth or jaws will line up. If the mouth does not have correct bite formation, the jaws will not line up appropriately. The teeth may come at crooked angles as well. All these will need orthodontic care, which can be done by the lingual brace procedure. However, the quick treatment procedure is necessary for alignment and bite correction if a child or the adult patient has:

  • Overbite – Where the upper teeth overlap too much over the bottom front teeth.
  • Under-bite – The upper front teeth rest behind the bottom front teeth.
  • Cross-bite – Teeth are at varying angles in the mouth, which can lead to decay, broken teeth, and speech problems.


Orthodontic care is for both teens and adults that are looking to get a straighter smile. Diagnosing the things at an early stage helps in preventing the progression of orthodontic issues, such as a misaligned bite. How a child’s mouth is forming is an excellent indication of what their mouth will look like, or it may be growing at the wrong angles, or that their jaws don’t line up. The lingual orthodontic treatment in Lebanon can predict that oral health issues and provide the best and permanent dental solution to make your smile back. However, it may need seven to eight appointments for lingual orthodontic treatment.

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