LTL Dispatch Software by NOVA, the complete software solution product of Aurora | Aurora Software Inc

Aurora Software Inc. Deals with transportation software, it offers every model of trucking same softwares . Different companies of transportation software like Depo, LTL, Truckload, Air Freight, Brokerage, Intermodal, Warehouse and many more companies are provided by us.

Software offered: So, let us have a look on the wide ranges of software available here, at Aurora Software Inc.

  • LTL – We provide LTL Software to act as a perfect solution for your company. LTL Dispatch Software by NOVA’s color vision is designed in such a way as to present relevant informations to your dispatchers in an easy way. This will help in providing exact and detailed information at the right time, which in turn helps your staff in making right decisions. LTL Dispatch Software is much easier to use and is perfectly effectual.
  • Truckload Software – NOVA’s truckload module is made to meet the needs of different Truckload carriers.
  • Warehousing – NOVA’s Warehousing has a lot of features to offer. Some of it includes management of multiple buildings, has EDI capabilities and so on.
  • Air Freight – This software helps in increasing the efficiency and yield of your company and expand the control over your daily air freight operations.

There are also other models of trucking software companies offered by us. You can visit our site for further details regarding the different softwares provided at Aurora Software.

Partners of Aurora Software Inc : Kleinschmidt, Load Match, Nelco, Middlewest, ALK technologies Inc., DAT, Omnitracs(a Qualcomm company).

Products: Aurora Software has aligned with different products like –

  • Nova – It is the complete software solution. The monotonous pen and paper work can be done proficiently in a single software package “NOVA.” It offers softwares like Freight Software, Brokerage, Truckload, Depo, Warehouse and many other software packages are also offered by NOVA. Furthermore, it has features like Color Vision Dispatch Operations, Shipment Quoting, Fully integrated document, imaging system, custom Invoicing and many other facilities are also available.
  • Qualcomm – We have partnership with OmniTRAC MCP50 units and with the new IVG units of Qualcomm.
  • Cloud Solution – Aurora has paired with the Cloud Services to get number of benefits like secure connections, 24/7 access to your data from any part of the world and a lot in the list.
  • PeopleNet – Aurora Software Inc. has incorporated with “PEOPLENET.” It works to increase your company’s productivity.

Aurora Software also has alignments with other products like EDI, PC*Miler, Web Services and Rand McNally.

Aurora Software Inc. has around 38 years of experience in the field of transportation software since 1983.Our years of experience has made us a reliable dealer of different trucking softwares.

Web Services offered : We have web services like Driver Mobile Application and Electronic Log Device(ELD). NOVA’s Driver Mobile Application helps you in giving a perfect and easy solution to your mobile dispatching requirements. Moreover, the app is user friendly and easy to access, your driver can conveniently manage the dispatch operation from mobiles or even from tablets. It helps in providing POD image capture, Date capture for EDI, real time updates to drivers, On-board/Delivery dates time, etc. Then comes Electronic Log Device (ELD) web service, which is the complete transportation solution package and can manage each and every needs of your company.

Customer Service : Serving our customers is our first priority. We don’t offer the facility of a phone system at Aurora Software and the robot doesn’t answer your call here, your call will be answered by a LIVE person and we also offer the facility of 24 hour emergency support services to our customers. Aurora Software offers the facility of online demonstration too.

So, Aurora Software Inc. is here to help you in providing different models of trucking companies.