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Do you wish to add more TV outlets or a second set to your home?  Call expert extra TV points installation experts. They will do the job for you in no time. Now the question might come to your mind: why do you need the help of such experts? Well, installing extra TV points or TV sets requires significant technical knowledge. You got to have an idea regarding setting up the cables. installing the television, adding additional television outlets, and so on. Failing to perform such tasks or being unfamiliar with such tasks leads to messing up with the entire TV installation process & reception.

While you are setting up an additional TV in any room of your house, you need additional TV outlets in that room. There’s no need to be concerned if you don’t have one.  The expert extra TV points installation team will set up extra TV points in your place to ensure that there are no connectivity problems. It is obvious that certain questions are bound to arise in your head while installing extra TV points in your space. Some of the common questions that come to your mind are.

  • Is it true that dividing a TV antenna signal to add more outlets degrades image quality? No, as long as each outlet has the same signal strength. It ensures that the image quality remains unchanged.
  • How much does it cost to add an extra outlet, including installation? – It varies depending on the service provider. You should contact them and get a quote.
  • Do you need a “booster” or enhanced system? It is debatable. Every outlet may require a minimum level of signal for your set-top box or television to function effectively. You’ll need a booster for that. Experts, once again, are the most knowledgeable. They might discover that you don’t need a booster. In that scenario, adding more outlets will suffice.

When it comes to powerpoint installations in Brisbane connect to Express Antenna Service! They know the place better than others and have the expertise to install them where you need them most. They can provide fast and efficient repairs for all types of TV reception including antennas, cabling and TV points. The expert extra TV points installation also helps you choose the right way to ensure crystal quality on your TV. Do you want to relocate your TV to a new room but don’t yet have the ability to connect it to an antenna? Consult one of the expert extra TV points installation team about it. They will help you catch those favorite TV shows that you know and love to watch. 


For guaranteed satisfaction and crystal-clear reception, call an extra TV points installation team to install or repair your existing one for improved picture quality. They’re covered by insurance to protect your investment and cover all the bases. The expert extra TV points installation is available 24/7 every time you call! They are happy to answer all your questions and did an amazing job that you must appreciate. 

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