Meet Singapore’s Highly Talented Digital Magician – TK Jiang!

A digital magician can wow audiences with their modern digital magic routines that involve the use of digital gadgets such as iPads and professional sleight of hand.

Businesses have started to branch out when it comes to marketing. They have started hiring digital magicians to promote their products as the modern audience is more interested in amazing magical displays to entertain them, rather than reading boring web pages.

Of course, there will always be a place for informative blog posts, but let’s agree, people will always want to see something that inspires and amazes them. And a digital magician offers much more than just a few tricks up their sleeves though. Businesses can greatly profit from hiring a professional digital magician to entertain and wow their audiences, also known as their customers. And it is not just businesses that can benefit from a digital magician, wedding venues also look for exciting and new features.

Television shows, Ads, Corporate events, trade shows, weddings, and marketing videos are just some of the events digital magicians can be hired for.


Gone are the days where a business owner went to a dingy room, set up a table with some leaflets, trying to sell their products to the general public and other businesses. Trade shows can turn into an entertainment party, where potential customers witness the newest invention, try out products, purchase the flashiest,. and are entertained by those who are selling to them.

A digital magician can sell just about anything with his digital gadgets such as iPads and a few test products. Making a potential customer feel elated and excited puts their focus on the product and translates it into a sale. So the next time you’re scheduled for a trade show, think about hiring a digital magician to spice things up.


A digital magician brings a new level of entertainment and uniqueness, whether it’s a modern or traditional wedding. Guests will be wowed by the show that puts on, and a digital magician is certainly not necessary to stay confined to the stage!

Your wedding ought to be unique in every possible way and form, and a digital magician can make it happen.<


Whether it is an annual corporate picnic or event, no one wants to be a part of a dull, boring event, least of all the people who arranged it. A digital magician will surely keep the masses entertained, and the administration can incorporate important business reminders into the magic show!


Companies many times have the opportunity to appear on television with their products and services to create awareness about their brand. Why not entertain the audience at the same time? Making the ad exciting and interesting in a memorable way will make the experience memorable, which means your products and services will become memorable too! Digital magicians know numerous different technologies to create a magic show that will both inform and delight the audience.

A fusion of skills is essential to create such magic chows, and digital magicians have mastered every skill of digital effects, programming, animation, and magic.

TK Jiang is Singapore’s only award-winning digital magician to have won Golden Buzzer on the renowned international reality TV show – Asia’s Got Talent. He has also won Champion and People’s Choice awards in one of Singapore’s largest and fairest national magic competitions, appeared on countless top Chinese reality TV shows, and been invited to perform in top reality TV shows in European countries like Germany and Italy.