Odisha Golden Triangle Tour – The Way to Explore the Essence of Odisha

Odisha Golden Triangle Tour

If you undertake the Odisha Golden Triangle Tour, it will be possible for you to understand the real essence of Odisha.

How would it be if you get the opportunity to explore thousands of years of history, many UNESCO world heritage sites and stunning sea beaches in one tour? If this fascinates you, you must be part of the Odisha Golden Triangle Tour organized by reputed tour operators. The tour covers Bhubaneswar, Puri and Konark, making it possible to explore the true essence of Odisha.

Let us see what is on offer at each of these places.


You must know that Bhubaneswar reflects the true spirit of Odisha. It is also an IT hub in eastern India while still having its root firmly fixed to the old tradition of the state. You will travel to the glorious past, visiting the old town, with numerous temples, old houses, market places and lakes.

The reputed tour operators organize their Bhubaneswar Puri Konark tour packages in such a manner that you have the pleasure of being with a local guide who explains to you the importance of the places you visit. They also arrange for the best transportation and professional drivers to drive the car or bus.

You can be at Lingaraj Temple complex, Parshurameswara, Mukteswara, Rajaran Brahmeswar. Do not miss being at the rock-cut caves of Udaygiri, Khandagiri, and the Nandankanan Zoological Park. If you are an art lover, visit the Kala Bhumi or the Odisha Crafts Museum.

Before detailing Puri, it is good to know that being in Odisha is not that you only need to be part of the Golden Triangle tour. Chilka Lake Tourism is another objective to be in Odisha. The Chilka Lake ecosystem is a thing to explore and enjoy. So, do try to enjoy that too when you are in Odisha.


Puri, the home of Lord Jagannath, is a religious destination; however, the beaches and other attractions in and around Puri make it a tourist hub in Odisha. Though the main attraction of Puri is the Ratha Jatra; however, vacationers flock there throughout the year to pay homage to the Lord and enjoy a vacation relaxing on the beaches of Puri. While you are in Puri, do not miss to visit Raghurajpur. It is where you will be able to see craftspeople practising traditional art forms of pattachitra, ganjapa, and painting on palm leaves. You can also easily reach Chilika via Satapada from Puri.


Konark is at separation for Puri, and you must drive for an hour along Marine Drive to reach it. It is famous for the sun temple fashioned as a chariot. You can also be at beaches like Balighai, Ramachandi and Chandrabhaga from Konark.

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