One Of The Best, Genuine And Vintage Benimguild Moroccan Rug For Your Home Decor

Are you seeking for a vintage yet flair range of traditional and original Moroccan rugs for your home decoration? Moroccan BeniMguild rugs can be a great alternative to fulfill your wish. The conventional and innovative BeniMguild Rugs are produced in the remote BeniMguild area situated at the Atlas Mountain in Morocco. Such traditional Moroccan rugs are perfectly-crafted to ensure enormous warmth, functionality, and really great for any home décor!

Do you want to bring some unique rugs that have exclusive patterns and designs? BeniMguild Rugs in Morocco is well-known for its unique diamond patterns, wool rugs, and natural dye. It is a premier name in the Moroccan rug industry and is originated from the Berber villages in the High Atlas Mountains. The prime feature of an original Moroccan BeniMguild Rugs morocco is that it is produced in a single piece, and there will be no duplicate design and pattern made by the Berber women artisans.

Since the BeniMguild area receives the harsh winter months, the Berber people use thick pile and superior quality natural wool to make their BeniMguild rugs. It usually comes from the sheep’s moving around the Atlas Mountains hence make the rugs stand out from the rest. Also, it seems to be the best product to protect your leg against the harsh cold-weather climate. All of such vintage BeniMguild rugs are handmade, so you will find numerous alternatives ( 6’x10′ to 6’x12′, 5’x9’, 5’x10’, 10’x6’ Vintage BeniMguild rug verity) so far as the shapes or designs or sizes of rugs to choose from. Also, they can be skillfully custom build as per the specific need of the clients. It means every rug from their collection has different thickness can accommodate varying temperature as well.

Very few educated people belong to the third generation of Berber artisan families in Morocco now come forward and supply the exceptional and antique BeniMguild rugs to clients worldwide. The vintage BeniMguild rugs are basically skillfully hand-woven by the specialized artisans on traditional looms.


BeniMguild rugs are traditional rugs of Berber community skillfully created by expert and most skilled artisan in the Middle Atlas Mountains. Its overall appearance is full of colors and has the ability to bring warmth to your home. You not only use it on the floor space to bring the warmness but use it as your wall hanging and feel the real Moroccan vibe. You can use them in any room you want, and it seems to be a great way to uplift the class and elegance of your home as well!

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