Parasailing- an inexpensive way to attain some exciting travel experience

The thrilling experience of parasailing in Dubai is the best way to get introduced to one of the adventure sports of flying over the gleaming Golf Seawater. It is a unique activity that keeps the adrenaline rushing through the veins. Have a fly over 200-250 meters above sea level with qualified instructor assistance, protection gear for your ultimate enjoyment and convenience. Add this thrilling sport to your bucket list while you are planning to visit Dubai!


Everyone likes to enjoy parasailing! It is a recreational water activity performed on a specially designed parachute towed behind a speed boat that allows you to fly in the sky. Being pulled by a boat from a distance in the open ocean may seem too nerve-wracking. But, nothing can bring your joy or excitement down once you are up along with the calm Gulf sea breeze, swinging gently with the wind. It will allow you to relish the aerial views of the Marina, sky-touching structures, beautiful coastline, and most notable, Palm Beach! It seems like a weightless journey of 250 meters above sea level, and savor the picturesque scenes of the shoreline on a 10-15 minutes thrill-packed parasailing ride. It is a recreational activity that lets you enjoy a relaxing ride on a speed boat as well.

Are you planning to add some thrill to your journey in Dubai? What about parasailing that lets you fly 200 meters or more above sea level? Parasailing in Dubai is a 30 to 45 minutes thrilling journey that includes a fly time of around 10 to 15 minutes. The cost of parasailing usually starts from AED 350 to AED 400 per person, including professional instructor & safety equipment. An impressive 10 to 15 minutes parasailing trip to Jumeirah Beach in Dubai not only allows you to explore a thrilling sport but let you perceive the splendid view of Palm Island, Dubai Marina, and other city landmarks from the sky. Some adventure sports companies also offer to parasail for groups and charge a little less as a package. It includes a 10-15 mins ride that lets you fly around 200-250-meter height from sea level. You can choose the right parasailing package based on your group’s need, budget, and time to fly on parasailing.

Are you ready to parasail and conquer 200-250 meters in height above the ocean? Premier marine and water Sports Company in Dubai brings you the budget-friendly option to explore such an excellent sporting activity. Depending on the options, they will allow you to touch your feet on the water or on the deck. They manage to handle up to 2-3 people at once. The cost of parasailing varies based on the picking season, riding time or and heights to cover. You can even contact one of the premier marines and water sports companies to learn more about the cost of parasailing in Dubai and choose the package that best fits your budget and preference. Hiring a dedicated water sports company is an elegant way to save a few bucks as well. They provide a comprehensive package for more than one person that includes everything necessary in parasailing.


There are ways you can save on the cost of parasailing as well. Try to find friends who will join you in the activity or you better come with your friends or family. Premiere marine and water sports companies in Dubai offer discounts for groups as well. Check for offers and search for the company that provides the best deal without compromising the service quality in Dubai. If you find a company you like, go to their official website to check if they have any special offers, discounts, or active promotions.

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This article is written by Beach Riders Dubai- the premier marine and water Sports Company in Dubai that offers exclusive service to make you parasailing.