Private horse carriage tours- an excellent way to explore the beauty of Central Park.


Horses symbolize a bygone era and at present, the travelers and locals wish to memorize the things with such an old-fashioned carriage tour! Horses became iconic for travelers, and they have a significant role in the history of Manhattan. Travelers wish to spend some good time with the horses or get around in Central Park on horseback or seating on a horse-drawn carriage. A well-planned Central Park horse carriage tour allows first-time visitors, frequent travelers, and even residents to explore the country’s sights in a unique way.


Walking through Central Park and discovering a wide range of places of interest in New York City can be overwhelming. It is a wise way to hire a Central Park carriage tour online and get the most of your time while you are in New York City. Premier Private horse riding companies in New York City provide exclusive Central Park carriage tours to make your trip truly exciting & memorable. Some of the Central Park carriage tours they provide are 

Standard Ride:  The classic standard Central Park carriage tour consists of a 15-20 minutes journey to cover historical locations, places of interest Dakota Building, Strawberry Fields, the Lake, the Ladies Pavilion, and much more things to see in it. The Central Park carriage will take you the best way to visit a 1.5 mile Central Park, and it will cost you around $57-$65!

Medium Ride: The medium Central Park carriage tour consists of 25-30 minutes narrated carriage tour through a 1.5 mile Central Park. It will ensure that you see the Wollman Rink, New York’s famous ice skating rink, the Mall, the Dairy, the Carousel, the Central Park Zoo, and much more.  It is the best way to visit Central Park and its advance online booking will cost you around $80-$85!

 Long Ride:  The long ride is the best ride to see most of Central Park. It will run around a 45-60 minute narrated carriage tour through Central Park. It will transform you into a true New York! You will see all of the locations and attractions from the standard and medium rides, as well as the Balto statue, the Boat Reservoir, and many other places to explore. It is a great way to see Central Park with little expenses of around $125-$130!

Romantic Carriage Ride: Leading private horse riding companies in NYC provides lavished horse carriage rides for nuptials and honeymooners. They will assist you in leaving your wedding ceremony or reception in a romantic way. They assist you in leaving your wedding ceremony or reception in a romantic manner. The guide will be dressed in tuxedos, and top hat stops anywhere for a photo session. Overall it is an exciting one-hour journey to make everything memorable. 

Private Carriage Ride: Book a private horse carriage ride online to enjoy scenic places in Central Park. It will make several stops throughout the park allowing you to take the perfect photo. Your driver will not only guide you but will also ensure that your ride covers almost all of the top attractions in NYC.


Central Park carriage tour is the perfect activity for a romantic or a fun ride with friends and family. On this ride, you will see many historical Central Park landmarks while riding in a horse-drawn carriage. After boarding the lavishly decorated private horse carriage, you will enjoy plush seating for a ride through Central Park. The galloping sound of the horse’s hooves in the background will allow you to visit the cascading Angel of the Waters Sculpture, see the John Lennon memorial, circle the Cherry Hill Fountain, and many other places of interest in New York City. 

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