Private transfer from Rome to Positano- a unique way to discover the dream destinations in southern Italy


Pompeii has offered us with invaluable insights into ancient Roman civilization because of the amount of raw data that had been collected from this city trapped in time. In many of Pompeii’s structures, mosaics and frescoes showed everything from Roman myths, religions, war, athletics, and sensuality. Because there haven’t been as many tourists to Pompeii in the last 18 months, archeologists have been able to spend more time excavating new portions of the site. Even if you’ve already visited Pompeii, there are more structures to view and learn about.


Anyone who has seen a photograph of Positano, Ravello, or Amalfi keeps it for a future “dream” vacation. The sea’s stunning blue, colorful buildings built along cliffs and down steep hillsides, lemon plants bursting with fruit the size of your hand, waiting to be converted into sour limoncello (Italian Liqueur).Traffic congestion may arise along the winding shoreline path during the busy season on the Amalfi Coast. The private transfer from Rome to Positano, on the other hand, makes your travel both simple and entertaining.


The breathtaking scenery on and surrounding the island of Capri, which is not far from the mainland town of Sorrento, makes it a visual feast. Grotta Azzurra, a beautiful sea cave bathed in blue light due to sunlight reflected through the cave and surrounding seas, is a must-see on your private transfer from Rome to Positano. Another iconic Capri feature is the Faraglioni, which are craggy rock formations that jut out from the sea. You can take a boat between the rock formations for a spectacular view, then drive around the island’s meandering roads, stopping as frequently as you’d like to see Roman ruins, magnificent seascapes, elegant houses, and riotous bougainvillea banks, before relaxing on the boat journey back.


These are just a handful of the reasons why you should come to Positano and see its beautiful surroundings. When you take on a private transfer from Rome to Positano, you will be confident that you’ll find your reasons to want to come back again and again. You will surely feel excited when you arrive in this lovely corner of Italy. If you want to know more & plan your upcoming journey from Rome to Positano then contact Naples Limousine Service today. They offer personalized travel excursions and  ground transfers based on your preference & budget.

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