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Corporate photoshoots in Singapore are soaring high in demand. Great corporate headshot photography can give you an unfair advantage of standing out among the crowd. Also, corporate photography helps promote a company’s brand, products, and services.

You might have some concerns – I do not know how to pose, is my office suitable for the photoshoot, will I look awkward, do I need professional backdrop lighting, or what type of editing is appropriate to showcase my brand or company. There will be hundreds of questions arising. And we totally get that.

With years of experience in the corporate photography industry, we have done this many times. Let us help you with the photos you need for yourself and your company. Our team is well equipped with everything you need for your corporate shot. With us, you will be assured high quality, gorgeous photographs.

Make a Great Impression of Your Business with Corporate Photography Singapore

Great corporate photography allows people to see the faces behind your organization. This gives a touch of personality and allows businesses to create visual content for their social media and marketing accounts.

Corporate Headshot Singapore

Are you ready to look like a million bucks with our corporate photography Singapore style?

Look no further, our professionally equipped photo studio and the team are ready to deliver that. Our professional corporate photographer will guide you through every minute and second during your session and get you warmed up in an instance.

Group Corporate Photoshoot

Rainstar Photography provides professional group corporate photography in Singapore to customers onsite at their premises, office, or even at the studio itself. We will reach the premises along with all the necessary equipment. If you want to do individual portraits for your company or a group photoshoot after, not a problem! Whatever photoshoot ideas you may have in your mind with your entire company or needed a proposal, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Need some tips on how to look good for your corporate photo?

A great tip for capturing good corporate photographs is to look neatly done, not overdone. Below are tips that might be of great help to you –

  • Avoid overly patterned clothing as this may serve as a distraction from your face
  • Wear something comfortable to avoid looking unnatural and stiff in all your shots
  • Make sure your cloth does not wrinkle easily as it might make you look sloppy
  • Do not overdress yourself with shimmery jewellery or glossy makeup as the light may capture it and be distracting.
  • Do apply some loose powder or foundation on your face and neck to even out the skin tone.

End your search for the best corporate photographer and corporate photography at Rainstar Photography. We strive to provide you with the best experience, so speak with us and book your session today!