Professional Tips to Maintain the Upholstery to prolong its Lifespan and keep them Look as new

Sofa Cleaning

Dirt, dogs, children, and cats make your lavished sofas or upholsteries as messy as possible. So it could be a cleaning challenge before you. However, you can do it if you have enough time and energy. But upholstery cleaning is one of the tricky problems for you as it’s not like you can spray it down and scrub it! So how do you keep your upholstery or sofas looking nice when everyone is constantly walking over it? Well, leading upholstery cleaning in SW6 Fulham has put together excellent upholstery cleaning tips that help you keep your lavished upholstery & sofas look like new for years to come. Here are short versions of their suggestions:

1.) Vacuum: Regularly vacuum your upholstery, ideally once a week.

2.) Sunlight: Keep your upholstery or lavished sofa away from sunlight, as it may damage the colors or can be a reason for the color fade.

3.) Rotation: Rotate the seat cushion to ensure they wear evenly on either side.

4.) Sitting: Avoid activities on the upholstery furniture that might cause spills or stains. Keep food away from kids while playing around with the upholstery of sofas.

5.) Pets: Keep pets away from the furniture so that your sofa set or upholstery will refrain from the oils in their hair and other pet dander or pet accidents.

6.) Covers: wash the seat cover if you have machine-washable seat covers) only in case of accidental spills. Passing them often creates color variation with the rest of the upholstery.

7.) Professional cleaning: Have your upholstery cleaned with professional cleaning support every six months to a year. It will aid in the removal of any dirt or oils embedded in the upholstery fabric.

8.) Steam Cleaning: There are different upholstery treatment methods, but hot water extraction, widely known as steam cleaning, is considered the most delicate procedure by the majority of the manufacturers and expert sofa cleaning in Fulham.

9.) Spot cleaning: Spot cleaning and regular vacuuming will undoubtedly help you prolong your upholstery’s lifespan. However, the best way to keep the beautiful look of your sofa or armchair is to take preventive measures

10.) Smoking should be avoided in locations where you have upholstered furniture.Tobacco vapours give all fabrics and upholstery materials, including leather, a yellowish tint.Always use napkins and trays when eating or drinking on your sofa to avoid spills and greasy fingerprints on the fabric.

11.) Sitting on upholstered furniture with unclean or dusty clothes will transfer the dirt to the furniture.

Hopefully, the above tips will help you out as you keep your furniture clean and healthier for longer. Of course, you can hire equipment and tackle the task by yourself. Still, even the slightest mistake with temperature settings or choosing the wrong product can cause irreversible damage to your furniture. Hence outsourcing this job to a professional upholstery cleaning in SW6 Fulham is always a good idea to keep your lavished furniture remain in the best shape. Contact Fully Carpet Clean today if you like to read more about upholstery cleaning tips!

This article is written by Fully Carpet Clean– a leading sofa cleaning company in Fulham working hard to bringing new life and freshness to your lavished upholstery furniture.