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Whether you’re planning to spend a week or two in Jordan or two, then visiting the Dead Sea should be an absolute part in your travel itinerary. The sea is referred to as “dead” because of its high salinity, which precludes macroscopic aquatic animals, fish, and aquatic plants from thriving. However, some tiny microorganisms, bacteria, and fungi are present within it. The water is full of minerals too. You can’t swim in the Dead Sea! The swim is near impossible as the salt content makes it so buoyant. Instead, the Dead Sea’s high salt levels allow people to float effortlessly on its surface. It happens due to its natural buoyancy. It is not only a fun-filled experience but a great way to relax after visiting numerous places of interest in Jordan. Taking a bath in it the saltwater can be an epic travel experience as well!

You probably may not know the fact that the Dead Sea is the lowest spot on Earth? It is situated 423 meters below sea level! The water here at the Dead Sea is nearly 34% salt – the highest concentration anywhere on Earth. The high salt and mineral content in the Dead Sea has powerful healing properties. Before sunbathing, many wear the Dead Sea mud mask to help their bodies to absorb the hyaluronic acid and other nutrients included in the clay. It’s a most popular destination for treating skin problems such as acne, psoriasis, and cellulite, as well as muscle aches and arthritis. March to November is the best time to visit the Dead Sea. December and January are freezing, so perhaps not that pleasant for immersing yourself in its waters. However, a pre-planned dead sea day tour will make it happen.

The Dead Sea is linked with so many biblical scenes and testimonials. The Dead Sea’s curative water and the place itself has been sought for since Biblical times. The healing water at the Dead Sea has been sought after ever since Biblical times. History says that Cleopatra also loved the Dead Sea and used its products as part of her beauty regime. It is why The Dead Sea became the most extensive natural & free spa on Earth, drawing both tourists and locals alike.

Visiting the Dead Sea in Jordan is as good as it is expected. It will be in life as you desire. You will find the Dead Sea itself to be relaxing. The novelty of covering yourself in mud and floating in the salty water is an exciting experience. The Dead Sea is a beautiful place to sunbathe. It offers a lower risk of sunburn than other vacation spots. This is because damaging UV rays are filtered through three natural layers due to their location below sea level. An additional air layer, an evaporation layer over the Dead Sea, and a thick ozone layer are among them. If you’re planning to spend one or two days in the Dead Sea, you need to stay in one of the big resorts that line the north of the Dead Sea.


The Dead Sea is one of Jordan’s most popular tourist destinations and is disappearing alarmingly. Yet, it is one of the most intriguing natural phenomena on Earth. Like many other travelers to Jordan, visiting the Dead Sea was one of the highlights of any day trip to the country. It is possible to see the Dead Sea as a day trip for Amman, or you could spend a few days there. In addition, you can choose to maximize your time, thereby spending a few nights at one of the beautiful resorts near the Dead Sea in Jordan. Hopefully, this guide will be helpful for anyone heading to Jordan and the Dead Sea soon.

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