Rio Lagartos Flamingo Pink Lakes- a hidden gem to explore in Mexico

Have you ever seen a flamingo in flight? A Private tour to Rio Lagartos Flamingo Pink Lakes can let you perceive the wonder from very close. Watching these bold, Yucatán flamingos prance along the silty water of Ría Lagartos is well-worth the Private Rio Lagartos Flamingo Pink Lake tour.


Next to the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza, is seeing flamingos in the wild. It seems to be one of the top of traveller’s lists while travelling Mexico. But, are you searching for information about how, when and where to see the flamingos? A customized private tour to Rio Lagartos Flamingo Pink Lakes can be the answer to your search. It will let you discover Río Lagartos, which seems to be one of those hidden gems in Mexico. It is known for pink flamingos.

Where can you see flamingos in Mexico?

There are two main places in Mexico where tourists go to see flamingos. Both are in the Yucatan Peninsula. One is at Celestun on the west coast, about an hour and a half’s drive from Merida. The other is at Rio Lagartos, located about 65 miles (105km) north of Valladolid. Rio Lagartos means “alligator river”, which is reached by bus or car in an hour and a half from Valladolid or Merida. You will see the flamingos at Celestun Bioreserve as well. To explore the lagoon and watch flamingoes in this area, it is advisable to rent a boat. In Celestun, you may take boat cruises and rent private boats. Making a stop or taking a day trip to Celestun makes more sense if you are already in Merida. However, it is farther away and offers few activities. On the other hand, from Valladolid or perhaps Tulum, a day excursion can be taken to see Rio Lagartos.

When is the flamingo season in Mexico?

Since spring and the beginning of summer are breeding seasons, the flamingo season in Rio Lagartos runs from March to June and from October to February. Therefore, even while there are flamingos in Rio Lagartos all year round, this is when you can expect to see the most of them. According to leading travel operators, the best months to visit the Las Coloradas lakes are March and July–August. If you visit Celestun in late February, you will find thousands of birds. As it is the mating season, as many as 40-50,000 flamingos congregate in the Celestun Biosphere Reserve from November to February. Rio Lagartos has flamingos year-round! But the highest concentrations are in April to July and October to February. The views are pretty stunning during the period when the bird colonies stick together consistently. But remember that flamingos are timid, so it’s best to keep your distance from the pink flock to avoid frightening them. Good-zooming binoculars and cameras will be very helpful to cpture them!

What else you can do there 

Río Lagartos isn’t only pink flamingos and salt lakes, but it is a protected biosphere. The lakes are always pink, but it’s best to visit around noon on a sunny day when the waters appear the pinkest. Consider going on a lengthier tour of the Ra Lagartos Biosphere Reserve if you enjoy watching birds. Wetlands and mangrove estuaries are home to species of sensitive and endangered plants and animals. Various birds, including flamingos, pelicans, fishing eagles, and herons. Marine turtles, including hawksbill and green sea turtles, use the Ria Lagartos beaches as a nesting area. So even if you don’t have the slightest inclination toward nature, Ría Lagartos is an excellent place to start developing one. The tour guide got you up close with a crocodile and several shore birds, including cormorants, egrets, and a standard black hawk.

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