Seven reasons to have DIY putting green kit

When you desire to change your house or business property’s backyard into a well-laid golf course, then there are seven reasons you cannot avoid having a DIY putting green kit from reputed distributors. 

You may desire to play golf, but it may not be possible for you to be at a golf course daily. Reasons may be many; it may be lack of time, or the place where you live does not have a golf course. However, there is a way out and you can play golf daily. The way out is to turn the backyard of your house or business property into a golf course. You may be thinking about how it is possible. The simple answer is to have DIY putting green kit from reputed distributors and installers. 

Here we discuss seven reasons why having such a means is the ideal option. 

Varied shapes and sizes

When you wish to have outdoor putting green kits from reputed distributors and installers, then your backyard’s size and shape is no hindrance to turn it into a golf course. The reason being they make possible to have such kits in varied shape and size. It is always possible to have one that suits the size and shape of your backyard. Moreover, you can have the turf customized to your desire. 

Able to have professional look and performance

The synthetic turf you can have from reputed distributors and installers is of such quality that the golf course in your backyard will have a professional look and you will be able to perform like a pro at the course. 

The upper surface of synthetic turf blades laid over a base of perfectly round silica sand gives the turf a professional look. When we talk about performance, the green speed is at your discretion. You can have it modified to be fast or slow according to your desire.

Quick and easy to install

The ideal time for set up is 1 to 2 days. If you feel that it is difficult for you to lay the course yourself, you can have professional help from experienced installers. To spread the turf, there is no requirement of any prior landscaping experience.

Made in the USA

As we pass through a rough phase due to the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus, the state of our country’s economy is in bad shape. If we have DIY putting green kit from reputed distributors and installers in such a situation, we make sure we stand by our fellow citizens’ side. We also lend a helping hand to boost the country’s economy by purchasing products made in the USA. 

Cover of warranty

The product has a cover of a warranty. Generally, it is for five years and if during that time anything goes wrong, we can call the supplier and they take care of it. 

Professional help 

If you find it difficult to lay the synthetic turf yourself, then you can have professional help. They will offer guidance to install. Their video will explain all to you.

Affordable price

The price of these outdoor putting green kits from reputed distributors and installers is affordable and not cut a hole in your pocket. 

About American Greens

American Greens is a leader in the synthetic turf industry for over 20 years. You can expect to have the highest quality synthetic turf products from them. Call (877) 408-3636 to discuss your requirements and place the order for a DIY putting green kit from them.