What to Look For When Looking For ELD Solutions

Picking the right ELD (electronic logging device) is important. By taking the correct decision, you can abridge compliance, boost safety, and increase efficiency. However, the wrong choice can end up with untrustworthy technology, additional expenses or unforeseen fees, and the probability of commencing the process all over again.

Here in this article we’re going to outline some of critical factors to consider when looking for the perfect ELD solutions.

One device for all categories of vehicles:

In a fleet, there could be different kinds of vehicles: light duty, bucket truck, van truck, or even tractor truck. Fleets may also have alternative fuel & electric vehicles.

Look to invest on ELD device that can be employed on all categories of vehicle. Having a universal solution will decrease your expense in different ways. First of all, your drivers and employees don’t need to know about different systems. In second, having one device in all vehicles decreases the overall complication of the whole solution.

The speed of installation:

The ease of installation can have a significant impact on the overall ELD rollout. A complex installation can be time-taking & probably expensive to your budget. Make sure to inquire how fast the installation practice is & expenses involved with it. A plug & play solutions simplifies the process getting you up & running in minutes.

Affordable pricing:

How much does an electronic logging device cost? A lot of ELD solutions on the market are on the costlier side, ranging up to $2,500 for an enterprise-grade solution. When you take into account hardware, installation and the MRC for each vehicle, expenses can increase significantly. At the same time, a cheap solution mayn’t encompass all the appropriate features to fit your requirements.

Take your electronic logging device as an investment instead of expenditure. A quality LED solution will deliver far more advantages & possibilities for fleet saving compared to the expenses in the long run. Also you can decrease expenses by picking an ELD solution that can be employed with an existing mobile device, eradicating the requirement to buy new equipment.

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Easy to run:

An ELD solution that’s easy to use is vital. Drivers have several other accountabilities when they are on the road. They require a device that makes it simple to update their status, accomplish vehicle checks, and smoothly offer a compliance report at the time of roadside inspections. Administrators require solid data collection & reporting so that they can easily screen HOS compliance & violations. A baffling interface may endanger your compliance program.

As the ELD mandate is right around the corner you must be wondering how you can turn this into a positive move. Very simple! Take this time to upgrade your transportation software with quality ELD software. Now is the time to have your ELD integrated with your software. Get in touch with one of the most reliable ELD software companies to make your purchase.

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