Top 6 Careers Options to Explore By Attending a Computer Network Technician School

The information technology field is all about exciting advancements. Are you looking forward to a technology-focused career? How about joining a computer network technician school? Your education and skills help you explore many career options in the information technology field. Do you want to explore career options?

Here is an at-a-glance overview of your IT career options.

Many information technology careers may sound the same but have different roles and responsibilities.  

  1. Computer Network Architect

Employment growth projection is around 5% till 2029 

Related job titles: Network and security architect, network analyst, network systems consultant

Job Responsibilities:

Computer network architects are the information technology professionals behind the configuration and design of data communication networks like WANs, LANs, and intranets. The work of a computer network architect is to deal with organization’s leaders for identifying the goals and develop plans for creating enterprise-scale network systems. Some of the daily job duties of computer network architects may include upgrading hardware, planning network systems, and staying up to date on the latest network technologies. IT professionals with a broad base of networking knowledge can excel in this job position. 

  1. Computer Support Specialists

Employment growth projection is around 8% till 2029 

Related job titles: Help desk technician, support specialist, IT specialist, help desk analyst, computer support technician

Job Responsibilities: 

Computer support specialists are responsible for providing technical support to an organization’s employees and customers when they encounter technical issues. The job and responsibilities of computer support specialists include troubleshooting problems and asking questions to diagnose the issue. Organizations’ employees and non-IT users are dependable on computer support specialists for common technical errors. In addition, the computer support specialists provide prompt feedback to team members and customers about the technical errors that need to be troubleshot.

  1. Computer Systems Analysts

Employment growth projection is around 7% till 2029

Related job titles: Computer systems analyst, information systems analyst, IT analyst

Job Responsibilities: 

Computer systems analysts help organizations plan an effective and efficient computer system. The IT analyst or computer systems analysts determine problems and design information technology solutions that fit the organization’s requirements and budget. To perform tests and oversee the implementation of the new system, organizations depend on these IT professionals. 

  1. Database Administrators

Employment growth projection is around 10% till 2029

Related job titles: Systems administrator, database coordinator, database administration manager

Job Responsibilities: 

Database administrators are responsible for organizing and storing the organizations’ data. The job responsibility of a database administrator is to keep organizations’ data and information secure from both hackers and data loss. It is also essential for the database or system administrator to maintain efficient database operation.

  1. Network Security Analysts

Employment growth projection is around 30% till 2029 

Related job titles: Information security officer, information security analyst, systems analyst, 

Job Responsibilities: 

Network security analysts are responsible for keeping an organization’s data and computer networks safe and secure. The system or network security analysts monitor the system for breaches, identify security gaps. To organize everything, the network security analysts stay up-to-date about the latest best practices in information security.

  1. Network and Computer Systems Administrators

Employment growth projection is around 4% till 2029

Related job titles: Information systems manager, systems administrator, IT specialist, LAN administrator, network coordinator

Job Responsibilities: 

Network and computer systems administrators are responsible for keeping the organizations’ network and computer systems functional during day-to-day operations. These IT professionals install network hardware and software, determine and implement necessary upgrades, and solve network problems. 


Are you excited after going through the various career options? Now, it is up to you to equip yourself with education by joining a computer network technician school to make it happen. 

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