The Prevailing Misconceptions Regarding Diamond Engagement Rings

It may be that you have ventured out to buy engagement rings sets in Canada. The choices that you have handy in this age of the internet are many. The different options available, along with certain prevailing misconceptions, can make the buying process more difficult. It is wise to have those misconceptions cleared before you set out to buy the best engagement rings sets. 

Fluorescence is bad

It is not always that diamonds in an engagement ring having fluorescence is bad. It is not that the fluorescence of a diamond always negatively affects the beauty of a diamond. On the other hand, the diamond’s fluorescence can enhance the natural beauty of a diamond, especially the colour. If a diamond’s fluorescence affects its beauty, you can recognize it with your naked eye as the diamond will appear milky or hazy. 

Investing in SI 1 or SI 2 clarity stone is bad

SI 1 and SI 2 range of diamonds can have transparent or white imperfections. However, that does not make engagement rings made with such not the one to buy. Reputed designers and manufacturers set the diamond in the facet in such a manner that these imperfections are not visible.

An engagement ring is costly

It is not that engagement rings sets in Canada are costly. A reputed and helpful engagement ring specialist will help you with a design that will allow you to have engagement ring sets within your budget. Renowned manufacturers make it possible to have the option of customization of rings so that you can have rings within your budget according to your taste and desire.

Customization of engagement rings is costly

This is also a misconception that customized engagement rings sets are costly. You may be surprised that customization makes it possible to reduce the price of a ring set. Reputed manufacturers customize their designs according to your desire and size so that you can save money. The custom-made rings make it possible to have engagement ring sets that are cleaner and appropriately detailed in appearance. Moreover, the customization will also make it possible to save money as you do not have to upgrade the ring in the near future. 

Fancy shapes are expensive

It is not always that fancy shaped diamonds in engagement rings sets in Canada are costly. If you chose a round brilliant cut diamond, then you may have to pay 20% more. However, other fancy shapes are not that costly. 

Specific metal colours are trendy You must have noticed that specific metal like yellow gold and rose gold is gaining popularity. So, you may settle for these metals as you may think that this will become a trend in a few years. In fact, there are four metals or metal colours used in bridal jewelry for decades. Yellow gold and rose gold had been in use in royal families for decades and it is nothing new. You can choose any metal or metal colour like yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or platinum for the engagement rings sets.