Becoming an Ethical Hacker: A Training Guide for IT Professionals in Cyprus

Ethical hacking includes an approved endeavor to acquire unapproved admittance to a computer framework, application, or information. Doing an ethical hack includes copying techniques and activities of malevolent attackers. This training assists with distinguishing security weaknesses which can then be settled before a malicious attacker has the potential chance to take advantage of them. You can easily be an ethical hacker if you have ethical hacker training in Cyprus from reputed training institutes.

The main principles of ethical hacking

If you notice you can observe that ethical hackers follow four key protocols and they are:

Staying legal: They have proper permission from the organization before trying to access and perform a security assessment.

Establish the scope: They define the scope of work so that their works remain legal within the boundaries of approval provided by the organization.

Report vulnerability: They bring to notice all the vulnerabilities observed and the remedies for the same to the organization.

Respect the sensitivity of the data: They agree to a non-disclosure agreement depending on the sensitivity of the data.

The services possible to have from ethical hackers

While accessing the security of an association’s IT asset(s), you as an ethical hacker expect to mirror an attacker. In doing as such, you search for attack vectors against the objective. The underlying objective is to perform surveillance, acquiring however much data as could reasonably be expected.

If we have a look at some of the vulnerabilities that you can detect as an ethical hacker they are:

  • Injection attacks
  • Broken authentication
  • Security misconfigurations
  • Use of components with known vulnerabilities
  • Sensitive data exposure

The methodologies of ethical hacking

During the training, you will learn about the methodologies of ethical hacking. There are basically three such processes.

Black box: During black-box testing, you will require to place the penetration tester in the character of the average hacker. There will be no sharing of internal knowledge of the target system. The test will determine the weaknesses in a system that is useable from outside the network.

White box: This is just the opposite of black-box testing. It is possible to have full access to source code, architecture documentation and so on. The penetration testers will be able to perform static code analysis and make acquaintance with source code analyzers, debuggers and similar tools important for this type of testing.

Gray box: The main objective of Gray-box testing is to have a more concentrated and well-organized valuation of a network’s security than under a black-box assessment.

Ethical hacking tools

During the training, you will become aware of ethical hacking tools like NMAP, Metasploit, Burp Suit, Angry IP scanner, Cain & Abel, Ettercap, EtherPeek, SuperScan and many more.

The certificates possible to have

It is possible to have ethical hacking certificates like Certified Ethical Hacker. Having such a certificate you can work as an Ethical Hacker not only in Cyprus but all over the world.

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Ethical Hacking – A Professional Course to Secure Network and System of an Organization

What is Ethical Hacking?

Also known as Pen Testing, Red Teaming, Penetration Testing and Intrusion Testing, Ethical Hacking is an authorized act to intrude networks or system security for finding out potential threats, vulnerabilities, attacks and data breaches in those systems. Ethical hacking aims to test the defense of the networks and systems of any organization by breaking into the devices and systems within the organization legally.

Every organization, system, device, process and website can be hacked. It is where Ethical Hackers come into the picture. These hackers help in preventing the confidential data of organizations from being stolen, hacked or distorted by malicious hackers, preventing networks with real-world assessment. Also, ethical hackers help in defending national security by protecting data from getting in the hands of unethical hackers.

If you want to become a professional ethical hacker and looking for ethical hacker training in Cyprus then you need to understand the job role first and then take a look at the basic requirements for learning the course.

How to Become an Ethical Hacker?

For becoming a successful ethical hacker, you need to undergo ethical hacker training in the form of certification programs while following the client specifications for assessing their complete risks and vulnerabilities. Moreover, the ethical hackers make suggestions for improvements following a development scoreboard regarding probable organizational risks. Talking about hackers, you can find a number of hackers today, but ethical hackers are called as white hat hackers as they are trained with an intention to help organizations rather than harm.

What are the fundamental requirements to learn Ethical hacking?

Before joining any ethical hacker training Cyprus course you need to check whether you have the fundamental skills or not. Besides that, you need to meet the basic educational requirement. Then only you can go for taking the required training and certification. And to grab a job you need to have considerable work experience.

So what are the fundamental skills you should have? Let’s check out –

Ethical hacking is one of the most professional information security fields. This field requires comprehensive knowledge of computer system and IT procedures and technologies. Therefore to be a successful Hacker, you will need to become proficient in all the required skills and technologies.

Hard Skills include:

  • Computer skills
  • Security Concepts and Technologies
  • Networking skills including ARP, DHCP, NAT, DNS, Subnets, OSI model, VLANs, MAC addressing, IPv4, IPv6, Public v Private IP as well as Routers and switches
  • Virtualization
  • Database skills
  • Advanced TCP/IP
  • Digital Forensics
  • Cryptography
  • Web Application
  • Scripting
  • Linux Skills
  • Wireless technologies

Soft Skills include:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Persistence
  • Creative thinking
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical skills

What are the Educational Requirements for Becoming Ethical Hacker?

As already mentioned, Ethical hacking is a professional course, hence most employers look for candidates who possess at least a bachelor’s degree in cyber-security and other related fields that include networking and computer programming. However, if you have a master’s degree in any of the relevant field then you get an extra boost in your employability. But it is not a basic requirement!

Fundamental Training and Certification

Besides having a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the relevant fields, you need to join a professional ethical hacker training in Cyprus and earn the required certification for proving your worth and skills for the position of an ethical hacker to the hiring team. Usually, the ethical hacker training and certification courses include lessons about penetration testing, new vulnerabilities, the advanced cybersecurity attacks while developing the practical hacking skills needed for being a professional Ethical Hacker.

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How Studying Ethical Hacker Training Can Be Useful To Employees In Different Job Roles

Learning ethical hacking helps you in studying the tools, techniques and mind-set of hackers and penetration testers to spot, triage and fix susceptibilities in software & computer networks. Getting ethical hacker training in Cyprus can be helpful to employees in different job roles including Software developers, network defenders. Risk management, and quality assurance tester. Moreover, pursuing ethical hacking training & certification can help those looking for a new role or want to add value to their organization.

Understand the hacker mind-set:

The best thing about ethical hacker training is its ability to notify & enhance how a business network is fortified. The main danger to business network security is a hacker. So, educating how hackers work can aid network defenders recognize, triage and list possible risks and learn how to remediate them in the best possible way. 

It’s unfeasible to totally eradicate all risk from a network and a defender should be capable of weighing the possibility of misuse and anticipated impact of each probable threat and allocate limited resources to lessen the feasibility of a fruitful attack. To deal with this, a network defender must be capable of thinking like a hacker. Proper ethical hacker training in Cyprus can help a defender develop this mind-set. 

Regulatory compliance:

Recent laws have taken a much stronger stand concerning corporate accountability for data infringements. The new rules mentioned in the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) streamline the regulations and make the fines for breaches apparent. 

With the new rules in force, assuring that network and software are free of susceptibilities becomes much more critical. Getting ethical hacker training can benefit a wide range of job functions in this space. Software developers and network defenders can learn to recognize and safeguard against prevalent vulnerabilities.  Management & strategic planners can benefit from exploring typical attack practices & impacts, integrating this info into risk-management strategies. 

Professional development:

Getting ethical hackers training is an excellent way to get into the cybersecurity field & position yourself to take benefit of the skills dearth. Whether you are looking for your 1st job, want to specialize & foster in a job or planning to change your job completely, having ethical hacking training may be an excellent 1st step to obtaining the position you are looking for. 

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