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Flyboarding is a super interesting water sport. This sport involves a fly board and the board supplies propulsion for driving high into the air. Among the different types of watersports activities, flyboarding is a great water sport to try.

In Dubai, flyboarding is very famous. This activity can be the one to make your Dubai visit memorable and interesting. Dubai offers many exciting water sports. If you are in Dubai then come to Beach Riders Dubai to fly board high into the air enjoying the whole Dubai view.

Enjoy Dubai Flyboarding with Beach Riders Dubai: We have exclusive water sports packages to offer. We are here to make your Dubai visit remarkable with Flyboarding. Flyboard riding is gaining much popularity. You can feel the thrill of flying high over the ocean.

Beach Riders Dubai is super excited to deliver you quality flyboarding on the blue waves and sky of Dubai. Flyboarding will pump up your adrenaline, giving you a thrilling experience. We assure you that your flyboarding will be completely safe.

Beach Riders Dubai is the best flyboarding partner to have by your side. Choosing us can let you have a very enjoyable and very safe flyboarding.

We have been an experienced company for watersport activity offering and our customer’s safety is the most important thing we look for. We provide everything that can make the water sport activity safe and enjoyable, from safety instructions to safety gadgets everything is provided by Beach Riders Dubai. There is a team of professionals to control the waver runner’s throttle. Before you start your flyboarding we will let you know every safety measure so that you can enjoy your watersport safely without fear. We will be with you throughout the activity.

Flyboarding has a board called flyboard which is a foot-mounted board The board is given power by a personal watercraft through a long hose the rider stands on the board. Water is then forced under pressure to a pair of boots along with jet nozzles below. This water force provides thrust for the rider so that you can fly up in the air or can dive headlong through the water down. It will be a very interesting activity for you and when we will be with you it will become more interesting.

The best part with Beach Riders Dubai is that being experienced we know what visitors expect to see or have and we even know that there are different types of requirements, every customer has some different preferences or requirements and that is why they offer services that can be customized to a perfect package for the customers. Your activity will be tailored by your preferences so you can let us know the details and we will get you the perfect water sport package.

Make Beach Riders Dubai your partner for an amazing water sport activity, ’Flyboarding’.

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Beach Riders Dubai – For remarkable water sport activity on the Dubai Beach!

Expert assistance for exceptional flyboarding and other water sports activities in Dubai

Flyboarding is an extreme water sport in which performers try their skills using equipment called flyboards. It is a new water sport that brings revolution to adventure water sports in the world. It is currently available & practiced mainly as a recreational adventure water sports activity in Dubai.

Flyboarding water sports Dubai Beach is a new concept of fun in the water for vacationers. It will give some refreshing travel experiences to flyboarding enthusiasts and adventure vacationers. Are you looking for an exciting trip with which you will feel & get refreshed? Are you tire of your office work and looking for a relaxing place?  Dubai is the most excellent destination when you are bored of your daily workstyle and jobs! You can indeed feel thrilled and live to the fullest to the serene sounding of this fantastic place. Dubai has many things to offer, and reputed flyboarding water sports operators in Dubai Beach provide significant assistance to complete your refreshment.

Flyboarding is very easy, but it doesn’t look straightforward. It will need some physical ability. But it is very fast to learn with the assistance of an instructor. It usually takes 5-10 minutes, where the instructor will explain everything during your pre-flight orientation and landing. They are the masters of each step and provide real-time feedback and suggestions so you can maximize your flyboarding time. They train you in the tricks of different moves and the degree of probable difficulties in the movement.

Flyboarding water sports instructors in Dubai Beach remain very much concerned about the client’s safety. So, you can rest assured that you are in the safe hands of a very professional and well-qualified team. The instructor will train you and detail out the safety instructions for you to follow. Please bear in mind while booking that your flyboard rental in Dubai adheres to safety guidelines. Also, never allow children below 13 years of age to participate in this adventure water sport in Dubai.

Most travellers want to get up and wish to do different tricks and sometimes wish to get high! You can also perform numerous manoeuvres on your first flight. However, it all depends on your interest & ability to perform flyboarding. It is up to you how you perform in the water and achieve your flight goals. If you are physically strong and have some adventure in you, you can perform various acrobatic moves.

The more control you have, the higher and tricks you can perform. However, the instructors can judge your skill level and allow you to achieve your maximum level. Typically, each new performer is allowed to fly up to 10’+ in the air. And some clients can reach 20′ on their first flight. If you listen well to their instructor & get the control, then you can reach up to 20′ on their first flight! So, with the help of an expert instructor, you will learn the basics of and fly & twist like superman or swim like a dolphin in a few minutes!


To begin flyboarding, you’ll want to find a company that offers flyboarding water sports in Dubai Beach. Flyboarding requires advanced skills, flyboarding gears, and several safety equipments. Leading flyboard rental in Dubai provides the best quality flyboards, all the several safety equipment and instructs you to get control over your flyboarding and keep you safe. Time and money recede to secondary lines when it comes to experiencing some unique thrill of your life. However, top adventure water sports operators in Dubai offer budget-friendly packages with fixed rates to suit your adventure taste!

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