A Few Pro Tips for Maintaining a Blast Chiller

Do you run any food service operation? Then you must be aware of the importance of blast chiller in your commercial refrigeration equipment! It not just enhances the productivity of your kitchen but also reduces waste so that you no longer need to throw out leftovers daily. Moreover, it helps you preserve the aroma, flavor, color, texture and most importantly the nutrients intact in your food, hence improving the quality of food you serve. Again, by using blast chillers you can reduce the legal liabilities by ensuring that you are compliant with the food safety regulations.

The best thing with blast chillers is that these can last for more than 15 to 20 years with little cleaning and maintenance needs. However, at times due to some negligence blast chiller can get problematic.

How to maintain blast chillers – A Few Simple Tips

Daily clean and sanitize the blast chiller’s surfaces can help you enhance its functionality. If you notice any spill over it then you should immediately clean it up using hot water and soap. If the spill sits for longer period then it will become difficult to remove it. Make sure not to use abrasive materials or harsh chemicals for cleaning up the blast chiller as they might damage it. Also, you should polish the exterior of blast chiller with stainless steel polish in a periodic manner.


  • Avoid using water on the control panel.
  • Use soft cloth for cleaning electronic components.

Clear out the Air Flow

Intake and exhaustion of the air of your commercial refrigeration unit should be placed in a well-ventilated space. In case, the air flow to the cooling components gets obstructed, the blast chiller will have to work harder for cooling your food which will gradually reduce the life of your unit and you will end up using more electricity in the process.


  • Never stack stuffs like supplies or boxes or other equipment around the unit as it will block the air flow.
  • Dust the intake and exhaust of the blast chiller regularly for its efficient operation.

Keep the Door Gaskets Clean

You must clean the door gaskets at least once a week, depending upon the usage of your equipment. You must use soft cloth and warm, soapy water for cleaning it up and avoid using abrasive and sharp things. Make sure the gasket sealing is proper else the cold air might leak out causing the unit to work harder and use more energy.

Clean up the Condenser Coils

For blast chiller, the condenser coils play one of the most crucial tasks. These are responsible for circulating the refrigerant required for cooling the interior of the unit. While your food gets chilled, humidity gets removed which leads to freezing of the coils. Therefore, it is necessary for you to de-ice the coils as it can hamper the air flow. You must remove the ice accumulation by running the unit on de-ice mode and leaving the door open at least once a day.


  • Disconnect the power while cleaning the coils.
  • Use stiff brush or vacuum for removing dust from the coils.

However, if your blast chiller is functioning improperly despite of proper care and maintenance then you must take help from professionals.  Is the blast chiller of your commercial refrigeration unit in Portland is not functioning properly? Then you must look for blast chiller repair Portland, Oregon professionals immediately. But make sure to ask them about legal compliances, written estimate for their services before hiring them.


  • Check references and reviews online.
  • Look for local blast chiller repair in Portland, Oregon.