What type of hair extensions fit your lifestyle?

Hand tied Sew in, Tape In, HairWire halo – What are they?  How do they work? There are so many terms that get you overwhelmed if you are new to the world of hair extensions. Hair extensions in New York are not limited to just one kind. Let’s discuss some hair extension methods to help clear up some confusion.

Tape-in hair extensions

A good way to fix thinning hair issues is by adding hair extensions. One quick and long, lasting solution to thinning hair is adding tape-in hair extensions. It is precisely pre-taped and then sandwiched together around a thin section of your hair. Having a trained specialist apply tape-ins for you will insure proper alignment and placement. You can remove them with a special solvent and then reinstall them again. Wrong application can damage your hair. Reputed salons will apply these extensions without damaging your existing hair. This process usually takes around 30 minutes to 1 1/2  hours. Premium quality extensions will remain in good condition, and they can be re-used for at least 6 months as well.

Hand-tied Sew in

Hand-tied hair extensions are a type of weft that is Hand sewn to give you a fine, flat feel. Hand-tied wefts are very thin.  They are an invisible hair extension application that brings length and volume to your hair. Hand-tied hair wefts when attached correctly by an expert lay flat and blend seamlessly with your own hair.  There is no heat, no glue, no melting, and no tape involved. Therefore, they may be a better option for you. The best results for beaded row, hand-tied extensions can be on all types of hair and lengths. Thick or thin hair blends in easily with Hand-tied wefts and will look incredibly natural.

HairWire halo Extensions

Halo Hair extensions are another popular hair extension method. They add longer and thicker hair to your existing hair. Halo extensions don’t require any physical attachment to your own hair. Such hair extensions sit on your head, gently wedged on with invisible wire. The HairWire halo Extensions sits on your head without any attachment (hence it is called as “halo”). Halo hair extensions take only a few minutes to put in.  Therefore, they are considerably time-saving. It is designed and sized to be fitted to your head, so it sits on the perfect angle and won’t fall off. Also, clients feel they’re very comfortable to wear, which is why many women prefer this method.  There is also no additional maintenance which is both time and cost saving.


The information mentioned above will provide clarity and help you make the best choice for your hair and lifestyle. So, now that you’re more knowledgeable, it will be easier to select the better option to add extra length and volume to your existing hair. Make sure to go to a trained professional to get your extensions applied. Proper hair extension application takes experience, so choose your stylist wisely.

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This article is written by Custom Hair by Catherine- a professional salon service specialized in a premium range of hair extensions in New York City.