What Are The Best Cuticle Lisse Hair Extensions Styling Products?

Are you using hair extensions often? If yes, then you should be well-aware of the hair extensions care routine to keep them in good condition for long. However, you need to use the best hair extensions styling products for their care and maintenance. Take a look at a few Cuticle Lisse hair styling products for your hair extensions you should consider buying:

Thermal Defense Hot Tools Mist

Do you hot tools like curling irons or blow dryers for styling your hair? If yes, you need an additional layer of defense to keep your extensions protected from heat damage.

Therefore, you should consider buying the Cuticle Lisse Thermal Defense Hot Tools Mist. This hair extension styling product contains natural silicone that gives a proper coating to your hair cuticle to protect it from heat and giving the much needed shine.

Why Do You Use Thermal Defense Hot Tools Mist?

Helps in Improving Hair Growth –

The Thermal Defense Hot Tools Mist comes with important ingredients like Burdock and Birch Extract that contain fatty acids and phytosterols. They help in improving hair growth, strengthening hair roots and preventing dandruffs.

Helps in Enhancing Lifetime of Hair Extensions –

The hair cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair strand and stands out as the only defense of hair against damage. Using Cuticle Lisse Thermal Defense Hot Tools Mist, you can protect the cuticle of hair extensions from getting damaged and stripped. If you care your hair extensions properly, they will last around one year.

Ideal to Use for Hair Extensions –

This hair extensions styling product is specifically developed to protect and maintain the natural luster and bounce of your hair extensions. It’s obvious that your natural hair receives natural oils and essential nutrients from your scalp so that they remain healthy unlike your hair extensions.

Over the time, your extensions will be dry and get damaged when you style and expose them to external elements like UV radiation from the sun. This hair extension styling product is specifically used to keep your hair extensions healthy by providing them with necessary hydration, essential oils and nutrients they need.

How Do You Use Thermal Defense Hot Tools Mist?

  • Start spraying onto your hair as well as your hair extensions section by section prior to using the heat activated styling tools.
  • Finish the style spray in short bursts until you achieve the desired level of firmness.
  • If you want to add volume at the base, you just lift the hair and spray between the layers.

Robust Hairspray

This hair spray is safe to use for hair extensions. It’s highly flexible and fixative hair spray solution developed for hair extensions. The Robust Hairspray provides better level of holding without giving any stock residue or build up.

Upon applying this hair spray, it will make the brushing much easily. This hair extension product is an ideal alternative to long hair that requires strong hold and free movement.

How Do You Use Robust Hairspray?

  • Hold your hair of 8-12 inches long for finishing up.
  • Spray this hair extension styling product in quick bursts while blow drying to create a great volume.

Important Ingredients

Panthenol –

Panthenol is the form of Vitamin B5 that penetrates through the hair cuticle. It works like strong-humectants. This helps your hair extensions in maintaining moisture in the cortex and on the surface. As a result, you will be left with more pliable, stronger, shinier, and thicker hair extensions.

Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate –

This works like the UV radiation absorber as it helps in protecting your hair extensions from harmful UV radiations from the sun.

Octylacrylamide/Acrylates/Butylaminoethyl/Methacrylate Copolymer –

This ingredient provides protection against humidity to your hair extensions.

Bottom Line –  No matter whatever Cuticle Lisse hair extensions styling products you want to use, your hair extensions will stay healthy and maintain its flair for long time. Do a thorough research on the hair extensions styling products and make a right purchase for you.