Little pre and post-care care makes electrolysis permanent hair removal a pleasing experience

Electrolysis is a popular type of permanent hair removal methods targeting hair follicles located under the skin’s surface. Reputed hair removal clinic in Fort Lauderdale Florida provides fantastic service for permanently removing stubborn or curly, hormonal hair or hairs which have no melanin present e.g., grey hairs, blonde hairs. A little care during the pre and post electrolysis application leads you to get the most pleasing result.


To get the best results from your permanent hair removal treatment, you should get prepare yourself mentally and care about your skin and hair before your electrolysis appointment. The first step would be to book a consultation with a trusted and experienced permanent hair removal clinic in Davie, Florida. They will carry out detailed medical history to ensure your safety and suitability for the electrolysis treatment. It is significant to perform the formal checks, as everyone is not suitable or could be restricted when it comes to Electrolysis treatment.

You may not be the right candidate if you are fitted with a pacemaker, restricted due to a medical condition or medication. If you are suitable for treatment, I would recommend that you stay hydrated with lots of water. This is the most crucial part is the preparation before electrolysis treatment. Take plenty of water a few days before your procedure as Electrolysis works better with hydrated skin and hair. Give yourself plenty of time to control your stress level before the scheduled appointment. It will significantly reduce the discomfort during your visit.

Also, stay protected from the harsh sun ray exposure to avoid potential discomfort during treatment and prolonging the healing process. Exposure to the sun can make the skin dry out your skin that is potentially increasing pain during treatment and extending the healing process.


Your skin will remain more susceptible to bacteria following every electrolysis session. So take care to let you make the follicles heal. Do not touch and scratch the areas that have been treated may cause an acne breakout. Stay hydrated aftereach session of Electrolysis at hair removal clinic in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.It is as important as staying hydrated before your appointment. Properly hydrated skin will make your skin heal faster. Follow your electrologist’s post-treatment guide to ensure you are keeping your skin clean. Stay away from makeup-free for the first 24 to 48 hours after treatment. It ensures that your recently-treated pores and skin remain fresh and recover faster.


Electrolysis can be used in any body parts, including the eyebrows. You probably need multiple follow-up appointments with reliable permanent hair removal Davie Florida for the best results. Always be careful before selecting the permanent hair removal in Davie, Florida. GO with a reputed and trusted hair removal clinic in Fort Lauderdale Florida, that performs Electrolysis for a very long time. Also, check the professionally registered Electrolysis with a long-proven track record for success so that you can trust it!

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