How To Retrieve Deleted Emails From Outlook

Step 1: Search for lost messages

It is feasible that the emails you wish are still in your mailbox but not in the place you’re expecting. So your 1st step should be a complete mailbox search.


• Search in both Outlook & Outlook Web App. If you generally use a different email client, make use of Outlook Web App to do the search.
• Make sure your chose Entire Mailbox in the search criteria
• Use Advanced Search options, such as From, TO, Subject as keywords.

Step 2: Check out your deleted message:

In case of soft delete (using Delete button) – Deleted Items moved to Deleted Items folder and remains there until you don’t delete from there.

In case of hard deleted (using Shift + Delete button) – Item don’t move to deleted items folder although deleted for forever. Those items remains in PST file until unless overwritten by new items.

You can easily restore it, if the email you want is still in your Deleted Items folder.

• Click on the Deleted Items folder
• Select the email you want & click on Recover
• The emails is stored the folder from where it was deleted.

You might still be able to retrieve it, if the lost item isn’t in your Deleted Items folder. When items are erased from the Deleted Items folder, they’re kept in the Recover Deleted Items folder for a further thirty days & you can still access them.

• Click on the Deleted Items folder
• Click on Recover Deleted Items to view the messages you can retrieve
• The item is restored to the folder from where it was de laminated.


If you’ve deleted entire folders & trying to retrieve them from the Deleted Items folder you should make sure that you’re in Folder List view or you won’t be able to view them in the Deleted Items folder.

If you erase a whole folder, you’ll be able to view it in the Deleted Items folder, but the Recover Deleted Items container isn’t aware of the folder structure. This entails you will not see the erased folder indexed but there will be so many items erased at the time you deleted the folder.

If you can’t retrieve your emails using the Recover Deleted Items option, then it is wise to invest on quality email recovery software. Though you have to pay a cost for this, but you will have the peace of mind that your all important deleted emails can be retrieved with ease. So gain some knowledge about How to Retrieve Deleted Emails from Outlook.

How To Retrieve Deleted Email From Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an email application which integrates email messages, contacts, to-do lists, tasks, and scheduling. It comes as a part of Microsoft Office suite. It manages manifold IMAP, POP, Microsoft Exchange, MSN and Windows live Hotmail accounts. Microsoft Outlook offers features like immediate email searching, flagging, classifying and scheduling appointments.

In Microsoft Outlook every email isn’t stored as an individual file. Generally, a comprehensive e-mail folder like, Inbox is stored as an individual file. The email folder used as a PST file (Personal Storage database file). Alongside emails, also it features other data, like contacts & appointments.

Circumstances in which e-mails might get permanently deleted are:

• By using shift + Del
• Compacting the.pst file
• Corruption of.pst files
• Exceeding the 2GB size limit of the.pst file
• Accidental deletion
• Virus attack

In order to recover lost emails completely, never compact your PST file or save any new data on to the drive following you’ve faced email loss. Any endeavor of compacting or saving will overwrite deleted data.

Is it feasible to retrieve deleted emails?

If you’ve erased an email using the delete button, then the emails will move into the Deleted Items folder, which can be retrieved. However, if emails are deleted permanently (i.e. using Shift+Del), you can’t retrieve them from the deleted Items folder, but there’s a chance to get the emails back.

When you use the delete command, the email moves from the inbox to the Deleted Items folder, i.e, it’s copied into the destination folder prior to getting erased from the source folder. Therefore the emails aren’t physically erased from the hard drive; but only marked as having been deleted, and this Microsoft Outlook does not show it. Unless you compact the pst file or save any fresh data, there’s still a feasibility of retrieve the erased items in one piece.


If you’re using Microsoft exchange account, use the Recover Deleted Items command exists in the Tool menu. It it’s not there, you can accomplish it by modifying the registry. If you’re using POP/ IMAP account try to fix your pst files by a conducting a default Inbox Repair Tol offered by Microsoft, known as “scanpst.exe”.

Keep in mind that multiple attempts to retrieve emails, may cause severe damage of the pst file, making emails unrecoverable.

If any of these above-mentioned recovery attempts does not work, then you need to look for the best email recovery software for outlook. Though it may cost you, but it will bring the peace of mind that you will get the all your important emails back.