Technological Tools that Make Online Tutoring More Effective

In the present world, technology has taken over everything under its power and control. Education sector has also been impacted by technology to a great extent with the advent of online tutoring that has been applauded for the myriad of advantages such as flexible timings, 24/7 availability and connectivity from anywhere at any time. The technological back up for online tutoring makes it all possible and its benefits are getting appreciated more and more day by day.

And in today’s scenario, where COVID-19 pandemic has affected the entire world, the demand for online transactions and businesses have increased tremendously. Therefore, some of the best tutors have opted for online tutoring. Tutoring the students online eliminates the need of spending a lot of time in travelling between appointments, and hence makes tutoring more effective and saves a lot of valuable tutoring hours.

And there are several tools and devices that make online education more effective and powerful and empowers the tutoring ambiance. Some of these include:

  • Skype

Skype is one of the most advantageous technology products that makes tutoring environment more effective. This technological advent offers interactive, live and real time experience to the students. It allows every student to clarify their doubts and other issues in studies through tutor’s support. So, interact with your tutors online and enjoy best learning.

  • White board

White board is the substitute for a black board in the classroom. This tool is extremely useful for students in solving math and science problems on the board with the assistance of online tutors. You can learn to solve a problem step by step and ask for clarifications when in doubt. Such a tool makes learning more engaging as they are able to understand their mistakes and rectify them on the spot.

  • Scribblar

Scribblar is just like a white board that allows students to see the tutors write and draw live. Also, it allows students to share their documents. This tool also supports live audio and images making the online tutoring sessions more interactive. Students can be benefitted from this tool especially during difficult topic discussions.

  • Live Chat and Email

Some other essential tools for online tutoring are live chat and email. Students can connect directly with their tutors through live chat and email for explaining their demands for getting proper guidance for their doubts and difficulties. And the best part of these tools is that these are available 24/7. So even if you get doubts in an odd hour like late night or weekends you can easily interact with your tutor and seek help for solving your problems.

  • Wiki Space

Wiki Space is a great platform for students and teachers to collaborate and share links, ideas and images effectively. This tool is highly beneficial for multi student virtual environment where students can share links and images commonly for their learning purposes.

  • Google Drive

Google Drive is another great tool that helps students and tutors in sharing documents and spreadsheets. Also, tutors can create presentations with their students through this technological tool.

Besides these, there are several other technology media that play a vital role in making online tutoring more interactive and effective. It is obvious that online tutoring could not have gained such a huge victory in the education sector without advanced technological support.

Although online tutoring is more efficient and convenient, it does have its own challenges. So what are the challenges of online tutoring? Let’s peek into it a bit.

  • You may not experience the same detailed tutoring for every subject

Online tutoring may not be perfect like in-person tutoring depending upon the subjects you are looking for.

  • Connecting emotionally is somewhat challenging

In online tutoring when a session starts with a new student and tutor , breaking the ice  is quite challenging as it is more difficult to make an emotional connection without being physically present there.

So, take advantage of online tutoring to enhance your education even during the lockdown situation due to COVID-19 pandemic.

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