Ten things to know before staying at luxury tented camp


Have you decided to have a safari tour to Kenya? It is wise to stay at luxury tented camps of reputed tour operators if you have. The adventure and experience you can have staying at such camps will not compare with experiences that you can have staying at hotels or lodges.

It is wise to know a bit about the tented safari lodges that you can stay at Masai Mara before you book one. 

Closeness to nature

Staying under canvas feels nearer to nature. You are more mindful of the wilderness’s sights, sounds, and fragrances. It is something special to hear the lions roar, hippos snort, and hyenas whoop as if they are right out of your window, which they likely could be. 

Airy and breezy

These tents are breezy and roomy. You get a feeling of ‘obscured lines’, the place where the outside and inside blend. There is not that unmistakable ‘line’ as there is the point where you shut your hotel room door. 


Huge accommodation

Did I refer to big? The luxurious tents are big to permit abundant space for big beds, custom furnishings, a stunning attached washroom and surprisingly, the open-air shower.

Smell the scent of wilderness 

The ‘windows’ are generally a straightforward screen or mesh, letting the fresh fragrances and scents of the park drift in. Once you have smelled the African wilderness, it will have an imprint in your memory banks for eternity.

No barrier with the wild

Regularly, these luxury tented camps do not have fencing. So, the game can stroll through the camp, and they frequently do! At these camps, kindly do not hazard walking alone around evening time. It is best to go with a guide consistently.

Mobile in nature

Some camps are mobile, which implies one can pack those and continue to follow the movements of natural life. 


Private experience

These camps are generally in private concessions, so you are ready to enjoy the full scope of ‘private’ safari opportunities like bush walks with experienced guides, game drives that incorporate off-road and night game drives. 

Sleep out experience

A few camps and even safari lodges offer a rest out experience, which is generally exceptionally luxurious. This is a rare encounter for the extremely daring or romantic. While having total protection, these short-term ‘hides’ are remote and give you a truly memorable evening. 

Intimate affair

Naturally, these camps are, for the most part, little and intimate, seldom comprising not more than ten tents or frequently less. However, you can orchestrate to book out the whole camp if a group travels with you.


Luxurious choice

The tents can go from the most basic canvas designs with reed mats and conveniently cleared ways to expound Kenyan style tents with super durable decking, braces, a private pool and a luxurious extravagance that would make other 5-star foundations green with envy.

About the author

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