The Benefits Driver Management Software System Offers

What is a Driver Management Software System?

Managing fleet operations is a challenging affair but is essential for yielding positive results. Effective driver management is necessary for fleet operators to eliminate inefficiencies and secure the safety of drivers. For making these operations efficient and hassle-free, a driver management software system plays a vital role.

What are the features a Driver Management Software System should possess?

A worthy driver management software system is the one that has essential features that can make fleet operation management flawless. The software must help ensure compliance, proper training for drivers and several other essential aspects of the everyday fleet operations. Most of the systems often include GPS for providing real time updates on drivers on the road to the managers and dispatchers.

What are the Benefits of a Driver Management Software System?

● Get Real Time Alerts

Managing drivers on the road is a tough job. Unfortunately, fleet managers can’t always be with their drivers all the time. And usually, the managers get to know about the troubles of their drivers on the road long after they happened, which is of no help for both the manager as well as the drivers. However, this issue can be fixed efficiently with an efficient driver management software system as it solves the lack of visibility, by alerting the managers or dispatching team of any trouble in real time. The managers will get alerts if accidents, mechanical trouble or any other problem occurs on the road which further allows the managers to quickly respond to the incident. Real time visibility on drivers also helps in spotting risky behavior of the drivers immediately. Fleet managers can remind the driver every time risky behavior happens.

● Enhanced Fleet Efficiency

When managers have visibility on drivers, it further helps in improving fleet efficiency. Driver management software system allows the fleet managers track whether drivers are following the set routes or not. It also enables the managers to provide other route options when the road, weather or traffic conditions change affecting the travel time. Driver management software also features an in-built predictive maintenance program that limits the downtime of drivers due to breakdown and repairs of the vehicle. Apart from enhancing productivity on the road, this software also ensures higher efficiency off the road as well due to the system’s automation of compliance task.

● Better Customer Experience

The customers can raise a ride request through the digital platform and track the request as it moves from new booking to scheduled to assigned and gets fulfilled. The customers get an end to end transparency in this approach.

● Compliance Adherence

The drivers get a mobile app which can be used to take snapshots of the car, fill duty slips, take signatures from end customers and upload slips for reimbursements for toll receipts, fuel fill etc.

The audit and finance team gets access to all the artefacts digitally and no manual paperwork is required to adhere to the compliances.

● Improved Safety Stats

Fleet managers and operators often prioritize safety of their drivers and vehicles. However, ensuring driver vehicle safety isn’t just about protecting the assets and workers of the companies but also protecting other drivers, pedestrians and properties. With an efficient driver management software system the fleet managers can keep track of the risky habits of their drivers such as speeding or harsh braking, which further allows them to inform their drivers on the spot and provide more training as required.

● Deep Insights

An efficient driver management software system includes telematics, which is a blend of computer science and vehicle technology. Telematics helps in generating a host of data that offers great insights into vehicle maintenance, fuel usage and driver performance along with other fleet-related reports to the fleet operator and manager. Such information helps fleet operators and managers to reach data driven decisions.

● Improvement in Driver Retention

Driver retention has always been one of the major concerns of industry players. Shortage of drivers are always on the rise that makes driver retention a priority for all fleet operators. Driver management software system is a great practical tool for keeping drivers from leaving. The system provides safety scores to each driver, which can be used in recognizing and rewarding drivers later, which plays a vital role in retaining the good and talented drivers.

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