The Best Electrician in West Palm Beach For All Your Electrical Needs

While many homeowners in Florida are tempted to DIY electrical services, it’s always wise to hire the help of a professional. American Lighting & Electrical Services has provided the West Palm Beach area with Electrical Services for over 40 years.

We have garnered recognition as a leader when it comes to cost-effective solutions for residential and commercial electric services in West Palm Beach FL. We have served many happy customers and are the most trusted electrical contractor the residents of the West Palm Beach area appreciate.

Whether you need small or major electrical repairs/upgrades, the electricians at American Lighting & Electrical Services are ready to help. They ensure to get the job done right from the first time bringing no disruption to your home and your everyday routine. We know how much of a hassle electrical problems are. So, our experts are here to make it right.

We bring high-quality customer service along with cost-effective solutions for all our customers with a fast turnaround time in the West Palm Beach area. Our expert electrician in West Palm Beach provides a full range of lighting electric services that include proper maintenance of equipment, emergency repair service, and immediate installation of new equipment.

We have a team of excellent electricians carrying years of experience in all types of electrical services in and around the West Palm Beach area.

Electrician Services We Provide In West Palm Beach Florida

Our services range from repairing generators to lighting electric services. Some of the services that we provide for our West Palm Beach area customers include:

  1. Pool lighting
  2. Landscape lighting
  3. Electrical panel services
  4. Generator installation and repair
  5. Security systems
  6. Home Wiring Services
  7. Lighting fixtures
  8. Switches
  9. Fuse replacement
  10. EV Charging Installation
  11. Circuit breaker upgrades and service, and many more!

Our expert electricians in the West Palm Beach area can help resolve every electrical issue of your home and business.

Pool Lighting: West Palm Beach and Florida are known as some of the biggest pool markets in the country. The electrical contractors at American Lighting & Electrical Services specialize in pool lighting services. Whether your pool lights are flickering due to voltage issues or need replacing, we can provide the pool light service your home needs.

Landscape Lighting: From the manicured lawn to the subtle lighting outside, what happens when your property lights have problems or they need replacing? American Lighting & Electrical Services has your services covered with our expert electricians providing fast service with total respect for your property to leave it the same way as it was before.

Electrical Panel Work: If you need your electrical panels serviced or replaced with new panels to adapt to new code, American Lighting USA has the services that you need! From home wiring services to the relocation of the panel box, we are the experts covering the entire range of panel work.

At American Lighting & Electrical Services, we are available for any industrial or commercial work on projects big or small. Let us provide you and your business with top-notch electrical services in the West Palm area. Please contact us for more information.