The Catering Changes Adopted After the Covid-19 Pandemic

As we are returning to normal after the COVID-19 pandemic, events are happening, and Spring Branch catering organizations have adapted specific changes to welcome the New Normal.

Everybody knows how uphill it had been for organizations offering professional Spring Branch catering during the last year and a half. However, the breakout of the COVID-19, the lockdowns, and other restrictions have made party organizers and caterers adapt their services to the new normal.

However, as we know that necessity is the mother of all inventions; catering organizations in Spring Branch have made considerable changes in catering and operational aspects while offering professional catering in Spring Branch, TX.

We discuss here the changes that professional catering organizations have adapted to cater safely and follow all health standards in the post-pandemic occasions.

Careful about national and local guidelines

Eminent caterers are well conversant with the local and national guidelines laid by health organizations. Like, there is a cap on the number of guests, and there are restrictions on various services that caterers can offer. The professional caterers being aware of such limits, follow those with diligence, and ensure that your event turns out to be a success even in this post-pandemic situation.

Gaining popularity of plated meals

We generally notice that buffets are popular in events like weddings and corporate events. However, the scenario has completely changed in the post-pandemic situation. Event organizers prefer plated meals instead of buffet arrangements in the present situation. There are reasons for the popularity of plated meals as compared to buffet arrangements. While serving plated dinners, the food has served directly from the hygienic kitchen to guests’ plates, and the guests do not have to wait in line to have food.

Event caterers have adapted their services so that they do not feel any stress to serve plated meals in the present situation. They have trained their servers likewise and increased the number of servers so that there is no gap between the servings.

It is not buffets are not possible even now. Reputed caterers ensure that their serving staff wears masks and gloves while serving food to guests. They make available sanitizers in the serving line and request guests to maintain social distancing while standing in a line.

Change in serving of beverages

Reputed caterers in Spring Branch propose to serve health drinks in place of liquor at events organized during this post-pandemic period. They even arrange to serve such health drinks in small glass bottles with lids and make available paper straw and tissues near such bottles. Moreover, they keep a firm eye on offering such bottles in a contact less manner.

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Serve packed food

Another change caterers have adapted to offer packed foods where possible. When catering at birthday parties or any events associated with kids, they prefer to provide packed food. The boxes contain all the food options starting from starters to sweet dishes. In addition, they serve beverages and water in separate bottles. Adapting this change while offering catering in the spring branch area of Houston, TX, they have made it possible to minimize food wastage, contact amongst guests, and reduce the spread of the disease.

Modified bar service

The local and the national law may not allow having a bar at the event venue. However, if you have the permission, then reputed caterers follow specific changes to make it safe. They place a plexiglass barrier between the bartender and the guests and make sure that the guests wear masks while placing the order. They also make sure that their bartenders wear masks, gloves, and head covers while serving.

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