The magical experience during shore excursions in Naples

If you are thinking about the time to visit Naples, it is good to know that any time is the best time. However, we can expect during 2022, there will be fewer tourists so you can have a calmer and more enchanting experience. The abundance of history, food and beauty of this part of Italy is uniquely unforgettable for ones coming for the first time or a repeat vacationer.

Many link Napes with pizza; however, it is not only food that you can taste here. The luxurious architecture, the street art, the unique scent of espresso competing with the pungent food stalls make this place unique. You need to make yourself prepared for sensory overload as you walk down the streets. The culture is high-spirited and generous as are its inhabitants. However, that is also not the end that makes Naples shore excursions a must for any vacationer to Italy.

Let us what else we can do during such an excursion with a reputed travel agency.

The tourist attractions to visit 


Most of the vacationers after reaching Naples ignore spending a day in the city and drive to Pompeii or Amalfi Coast. However, there is a lot to do in Naples itself. So, before heading to other tourist attractions do make a point to spend some time in Naples. You can be at National Archaeological Museum and view the artefacts recovered from Pompeii and Herculaneum. This museum is one of the greatest archaeological museums in the world.

You can also visit many impressive castles which played a significant role in European history. You need to visit the 13th century Castel Nuovo. From there you can easily reach the 9th century Castel dell Ovo. This is on the small island of Megaride. You also should not forget to visit the city’s cathedral, the Duomo di San Gennaro. You also can be at many attractive squares like Piazza Plebiscito.

Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius

The archaeological site of Pompeii is 30 kilometers from the Naples port and stand in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius. It is a known fact that in 79 AD the Roman city got covered by a thick layer of volcanic ash and remained underneath till 1748. When the ashes were removed, archaeologists found the city as it was on the day of the disaster. The well-preserved city gives you an idea about life in ancient Rome. You can walk through the city as inhabitants used to earlier and have a glimpse of the many buildings and their contents. It is wise to be with a reputed tour operator to have a tour.

Amalfi Coast

The attractive Amalfi Coast has a rugged coastline and is a former fishing village transformed into an attractive holiday town. The primary destination should be Sorrento, dating back to Roman times. Standing on the clifftop you can have an amazing view across the Bay of Naples and view the island of Capri. You can also view the local lemon groves, from where the producers have lemons to make Limoncello, the favorite liqueur of Italy. You also need to be at Positano and Ravello.

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