The Use of Commercial Purging Material in Extrusion Process

Use of CPCs (Commercial Purging Compound) has turned out to be a critical part of thermoplastic processing. CPSs are considered to be priceless tools when it comes to addressing market factors like heavy dependence on just-in-time processing, augmented pressure for saving cost in order to stay competitive, and usage of more cutting-edge colorants, additives, and resins. Most often CPCs are used for injection molding, but they can also offer the same advantages when used with extrusion processor.

Traditionally, Commercial Purging Compound has been employed sporadically in extrusion compared to injection molding due to equipment style and the fact that extrusion molding is an incessant process while injection molding is a recurring procedure. Nevertheless, Commercial Purging Compound still provides numerous advantages to an extrusion processor:

Using a CPC, color& material changes are quicker than the conventional way of running hundreds of pounds of virgin material through the extruder to purge the preceding material.

The majority of commercial purging materials are designed to get rid of mulish carbon & colour deposits whereas standard processing resins are unable to do so.

Commercial purging compound for extruders are capable of preventing the requirement for screw-pulls; or if they’re needed, can significantly decrease the effort and time needed to repair the machine.

Extrusion processors can use CPC for a wide range of extrusion processes including pipe, profile, tubing and extrusion blow molding. Commercial purging material for extruders are generally employed in profile extrusion & compounding as changeovers are more regular and the colors, additives, and resins are more assorted. Most reputable suppliers of CPCs provide a complete product line of purging grades that are capable of addressing diverse resins along with purging problems. Some manufacturers even offer formulations that are customized especially for extrusion processes, encompassing more aggressive mineral or glass-filled grades.


So, it’s no longer arguable whether the use of a purging material is essential in thermoplastic processing, be it for injection molding or extrusion molding. Now, it is very clear that extrusion processors can get huge advantages from the time and material savings that purging material can provide. And it’s these savings that offer a processor the edge in the current plastic industry which is very competitive.

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