Three disturbing myths about car leasing in Singapore clarified

Though travelling by car is much safer in present condition, three problematic myths about car leasing in Singapore were hindering many from leasing a vehicle. We clarify those myths so that people can, without hesitation, take a car lease. 

It is safer and convenient to travel by car in Singapore at present after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the high COE forces many Singaporeans to lease a car rather than purchase one. Though renting a car is a more affordable and convenient option, some myths obstruct people from having a rented car. If we debunk the myths, we can quickly see how comfortable and convenient to have car leasing in Singapore from reputed car rental organizations. 

Let us debunk those myths and see how car leasing service is there to offer comfort and convenience. 

Hidden cost always accompanies the estimated price 

Many people in Singapore generally believe that there are always some hidden costs to astonish them when they rent a car. Having such an assumption has made some drawbacks from people to explore more on  car rental service. 

The fact is, different car models have a different rate, and the price offered by a reputed car rental organization in Singapore is usually the actual price that you need to pay, plus a deposit. Therefore, there will not be any additional costs that you need to pay to drive away the rental car. 

It isn’t easy to have a car rental 

We generally feel that we need to stretch ourselves much to have car rental in Singapore. It is usually thought that there is the involvement of a lot of paperwork and waiting for a considerable time to lease a car. This is also a misconception that we have. 

There are many car rental organizations in Singapore, making the process of having a car lease easy and hassle-free. You need to send a message or call them to make them understand the model and the length of the lease period to have a car to drive. However, you need to have a valid license and attain a particular age to have a car lease. 

There is a lack of flexibility 

There is a misconception among general people that car rental organizations bind us in various aspects while we lease a car from them. For example, we think there are restrictions on mileage and other guidelines that we need to follow. On the contrary, there are no such restrictions or guidelines to follow. The only thing we need to do is top up the fuel when we return the car. 

Reputed car rental organizations are flexible to such an extent that they even allow you to change your booking criteria before collecting the car. In addition, you can change the model and period of the lease if you desire, even after booking. 

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