Tile Spacers -The most helpful element to make your tile installation look incredibly professional

Tile installation without applying spacers is extremely challenging & time-consuming. In addition, you need to adjust the tiles constantly to get an even tile joint on the floors or walls. Adding a tile spacer will help you spend less time agonizing over the width and accuracy of your lines.

Laying new tiles is a perfectionist’s dream, but it can be an absolute nightmare. Tile spacers can make the job easy, make things look simple & accurate. These little spacers come in different shapes and sizes for different tile installation ‘T’ shaped, ‘+’ shaped, ‘X’ shaped. Using it on the floor, wall, or countertop creates a consistent look to your design. The tile spacer keeps the grout space even.

Are spacers necessary for tiles? Tile spacers may seem insignificant, but minor details matter a lot when it comes to anything as important as tiling. It is essential to maintain a space between the tiles! Tiles remain too close together, bringing the risk of damage when they expand. They could also become dislodged or chipped as well. There are many downsides that you may face if not using the tile spacer during installation. For starters, if the tiles aren’t all the same, they look to be misaligned! Second, Setting out becomes more difficult Third, micro-movement of the tile may lead to breakage. For fast and impeccable floor and wall tile installations, use the tile spacer – a handy tool that lets you install tiles quickly and easily. It guarantees flawless joint lines and space between the tiles.

Tile Spacers

So, what size should the joint be between the tiles? The common practice in tile installation is 2-3mm wall and floor tiles. However, it is based on the type of tile you are using and the grout line you want to use. But numerous factors can influence the size of the tile spacers you use. Porcelain, granite and marble tiles are generally installed with a 2mm spacer. Brick slips it’s normally a 10mm T spacer. Are you installing a 60mm x 30mm tile? half bond joint then it’s a 2mm T you will need. You just need to choose what size of joint and style you want to maintain a perfect grout line.


Spacers are small plastic inserts placed between tiles to help keep them an even distance apart. Tile spacers are mainly made of plastic. Their size also varies based on your tile and size of joint. Ceramic Tiling Tools sells a wide range of spacers of different sizes and heights for professionals and DIY alike for all tiling installations. Even experienced tile installers like to use tile spacers because of variations between tiles.

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